KOLA is a mustang mare, born of a wild-captured mother in a BLM holding facility in 2004. By the time she was two, she had been shipped from Oklahoma to California to Arizona. passed over by adopters, deemed “unadoptable.” KOLA was offered as a “sale authority” horse.

"KOLA- dreaming of Freedom" - portrait by Susan Monty

We brought her to the sanctuary and most probably saved KOLA from the slaughter house. She arrived with hoof problems and borderline metabolic syndrome. After many natural hoof trims, correction of her diet and lots of room to exercise, Kola has vastly improved. She still has hooves which are not nearly as healthy as they would be had she been born in the wild. Confinement in BLM facilities as a youngster prevented her from developing the usual large, well-formed mustang hoof. She is happy, however, and enjoys her herd mates and is extremely affectionate towards people.

Here is Kola in a mutual grooming session with Raven.

We appreciate the beautiful portrait of Kola by Susan Monty
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