Lucky arrived here in August 2013. From what we can tell, “Lucky” was not very lucky for most of his first 14 years. He was captured as a youngster in Nevada and adopted out by the BLM. In the summer of 2013, he was found as a stray in Riverside County, Ca. and ended up at the county shelter. He was adopted out and then returned because he was lame. A friend of ours who volunteers at the shelter begged us to take him, as he was at risk of being put down. Because our 2012 grant funds were just about gone & donations don’t cover our expenses, we felt we would not be able to take on another horse. Then, a wonderful friend and supporter offered to sponsor him. She named him “Lucky”, and his life has definitely taken a turn for the better.

Lucky came with hind end injuries which will probably not ever totally heal, but he has become more comfortable over time, with 24/7 turnout and joint supplements. He also has ringbone, probably caused by incorrect trimming & shoeing. His psyche also needed a chance to heal. Despite being trained for riding, he is very wary of people and reluctant to trust them. He has quite a few scars, too. There is no way to know if they are from accidents or abuse.

Lucky arrived at JERAS on August 23. We received capture info from the BLM on Lucky and were surprised to see he was captured as a yearling on August 23, 2000, exactly 13 years prior to arriving here.

Thank you, Barbara, for saving Lucky.

Update Feb. 2015. Lucky has really improved over time. He has come out of his shell and is now “top banana” in his group of 4 horses. His hooves have improved with lots of natural barefoot trimming and he moves quite well, despite fairly severe ringbone in his front feet. His hip is much better, also.

Lucky the mustang


Video taken April 3, 2014.. wow, what an improvement!

DSCF0348 Lucky

Lucky Summer 2014


Lucky May 2017


Despite fairly severe ringbone, Lucky still enjoys life & plays a lot.

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