MARIAH is a mustang mare, she has been at the sanctuary since she was 11 months old. Captured in Nevada by the BLM when she was five months old in 2003, Mariah somehow  ” lost”  her mother during this BLM roundup. She spent 6 months with BLM, and was transported to 3 different facilities in 2 states during this time.

Mariah has deep emotional scars and joint damage (DOD), probably from a combination of being chased at least 12 miles by a BLM helicopter (according to their records) as a tiny baby and from being fed straight alfalfa, with no minerals added to balance the ration. I wrote an article about her which was published in 2004 by both Natural Horse magazine and The Horse’s Hoof. She is another example of a perfectly happy and healthy wild horse with permanent damage from BLM  mismanagement.


Despite it all, and her small size, she is our alpha mare and still has quite a lot of spirit.

Mariah 2017

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