Penny arrived in late May, 2012, She was 22 years old. She was about 100 pounds underweight and needed a dental and her infected hooves to be treated. She gained the weight she needed within several months.



Penny a few days after arriving


Penny & Red enjoying a run

Penny & Red enjoying a run




Penny after 9 months here

2017. Penny now requires hay pellets at age 27 due to missing teeth. She now lives with 28 year old Warrior, who also eats pellets. Their 5 friends live right across the fence.

Warrior & Penny May 2017

In the summer of 2017, Penny had a severe sand colic & our vet was not sure she’d make it. We feed psyllium one week a month and she had always had all the food she wanted here. She ended up passing 50-100 # of sand over a few weeks. She must have ingested it prior to coming, when she was not being fed enough and was scrounging in the dirt.

She also has a pretty severe heart murmur.

We lost her buddy, Warrior, in January 2019 at age 30. Penny now shares a few acres with 3 other seniors and can be quite bossy.

2019, Penny is now 29.

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