SERENA is formerly wild burro, captured by the BLM in 2004 when she was 6 years old. When we adopted her, in March of 2004, she arrived very under weight and pregnant, along with back injuries. There is a video of the BLM “wranglers” using her and other wild burros for roping practice. Serena is deeply terrified of men and the sight of a rope. She trusts women and loves to have her long ears rubbed.
If you watch Len Johnson’s DVD, “Last of the Spanish Mustangs”, you will see film of baby burros at the Kingman, Az. BLM corrals circa 2004, hog-tied and left lying in the dirt as “wranglers” used them for roping.

At JERAS, Serena is free to be herself and no longer has to fear being abused by humans. She gave birth to her daughter, Jovita, in September of 2004. They are best friends.

Serena & Jo, mutual grooming



Serena snuggling with Jovita

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