Windy and Rene’

RESCUED FROM SLAUGHTER PEN- NEW MARES ARRIVED 1/05/10. WINDY is the dun, RENE’ is the roan. Both were born in 2002 in Southern Nevada and captured by BLM in 2003. Somehow, they eventually became rodeo bucking horses, then charro “tripping” horses  . Tripping is illegal, but goes on at secretly held Mexican-style rodeos. The poor horses are galloped down the corral, chased by a man on horseback, who ropes them by their legs, sending them crashing to the ground.

Both horses then went to auction, where they were bought by “kill” (meat) buyers. At the last day before shipping to a slaughterhouse , RETURN TO FREEDOM and generous donors bought them and saved their lives. Return to Freedom asked us to give them a home. They now will have a chance to heal physically and emotionally, here, as part of our happy little herd.

Rene’ – pastel by Susan Monty

After six years here, Rene’ is now fairly tame and enjoys being brushed and petted. Windy still has fear issues, but is letting me halter her and groom her. We are able to trim her hooves with the help of a sedative. Unfortunately, both girls have some permanent back injuries from the abuse they endured at the hands of man.
Rene’ has had her portrait done twice by equine artist, Susan Monty.

Of interest, we were finally able to read the freeze brands and discovered both these horses were captured in the same place, same roundup. They were “adopted” by the same man and ended up in the same kill-buyer’s pen 6 years later, with the same reported history. We fear that this person may supply mustangs to illegal rodeos. BLM has flagged him for no more adoptions.

Rene’- once a wild mustang, then used in the cruel “sport” of horse tripping


April 2017

h Note: Horse tripping and similar events do not occur only in Mexican style rodeos. Some U.S. rodeos have taken a liking to this cruel and gruesome spectacle and adding it to their horror shows.
States Needing Laws Against Horse Tripping-Colorado, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

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