Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter October 21, 2019

We are about to celebrate Poco’s 5th anniversary since he was rescued and arrived here. He is such a sweetie and such an inspiration to so many people.

Our weather has been beautiful, 70s in the daytime and 40s-50s at night. All the animals are enjoying it. The horses and burros seem to have grown heavier coats this year, but still not as wooly as equines in really cold climates.

Cuckoo Bird (roadrunner) shows up for a meal almost daily and sometimes brings his mate. We read that many roadrunners do not survive winter due to scarcity of food (they mostly eat reptiles, who hibernate). Cuckoo showed up begging last fall and we fed him through the winter. Here he is in the horses’ lunch cart. He has become rather demanding, but that is OK!

We just got another delivery of hay pellets which will last about 100 days at a cost of $3,400. Your support is always greatly needed and appreciated!

Penny is now our most senior horse and will be 30 soon. She joined us in 2012. We had to treat her for a gut full of sand she arrived with, she gets supplements to help with her heart murmur, and has required special hoof care and trimming. He still has a lot of energy and spunk, probably from the Arabian in her.

Chico, the mini donkey, is about 32 years old. He joined us almost 5 years ago as a companion for Poco. He has fat deposits from incorrect feeding years ago. With donkeys, they remain even after the animal has slimmed down otherwise. He is a real character. He also had came with chronic laminitis, but correct hoof trimming, the right diet and lots of exercise (he’s always moving about) have fixed his hoof issues.

We are greatly saddened to have read this news regarding wild horses, who are even more at risk now. There are about 50 privately owned cattle on public lands for every wild horse, yet the horses and burros are used as scapegoats.

Here is an article not only about meat in pet food, but also about the meat in our grocery stores. It’s very sobering.

My Dad is currently getting hospice care in his home in Colorado and I also found an additional CNA to help him out and try to get him eating more. He has COPD and has lost a lot of weight. I am feeling a lot of grief, but trying to stay positive. He is an animal lover, too. I cherish many good memories of times we shared. Please send your prayers and positive thoughts. Here we are horseback riding in Van Cortlandt Park, near our home in NYC. I was about 7.

Thank you for your support. We also appreciate people sharing our website and Facebook page.


Cathy & The Gang

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