Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Wilbur- In December of 2000, Wilbur arrived unexpectedly on Cathy’s doorstep. She later discovered he had run away from an abusive home 5 miles away.

He somehow survived traveling through the desert, avoiding predators, to join us. The journey took him 3 days.

Cathy informed the previous owner that Wilbur would be staying here. He loves dogs, horses and belly rubs.

Wilbur passed away peacefully on Dec. 19, 2013. He was 14 years old. He is sorely missed.

Rambeau is a Barbados ram who joined us in 2011. He was a no-longer-wanted pet. He is very sweet and was probably raised on a bottle, because Barbados sheep are generally flighty and afraid of humans. Rambeau loves to be petted. When he sees me coming with his feed, does silly leaps over his feeder. We found out that he once belonged to a drug addict and was kept on a short chain and fed garbage. One day, he escaped and the person we got him from had found him in the road and decided the only right thing to do was to take him.

So, Wilbur and Rambeau were both runaways, who decided to make a better life for themselves by leaving their abusive homes. Good for them!



Stripey is an older Barbados ram whose owner could no longer afford him. He joined us June June 23, 2015. He and Rambeau bonded quickly, but Stripey is very aggressive and dangerous around humans, so they have adjoining pens.






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