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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary May 4, 2013 Newsletter


We’ve had another busy month. Several weeks ago, our Vice President, Bonnie, set a trap in her rural area to catch 2 dogs which had been running loose in the desert for more than a month. She caught one, which was a pup, and found it a home with one of her friends. It was very shy at first, but is becoming socialized. A week later, she caught an emaciated, sweet little poodle/schnauzer mix female dog who is about a year old. We took her here for a week, vaccinated and dewormed her and got a few pounds on her. We are thankful to our local networking friends, because “Emma” found a fantastic home where she is loved and has 2 doggie “siblings”, a large yard & gets to sleep on the bed with her people. She was spayed this week.

Here she is before & after being groomed.


Emma after grooming


One of our other board members, Darcy, just found this beautiful dog in Las Vegas yesterday and was able to get her into a foster home. They hope to reunite her with her owner, as she looks as if she has been well cared for.

beautiful dog found in Las Vegas

Our veterinarian was out on the 23rd to geld little Julio. All went well. He also drew blood from 3 dogs who needed their thyroid levels checked and we did a blood draw on Big Rusty to see if he might have Lyme disease, as he had lived in areas with ticks several years ago. Because he has a lot of soreness and vague lameness, we wanted to rule Lyme out. The test was negative.

Big Rusty

The day the vet was out, Mocha was showing symptoms of pain in the morning and we were not sure if it was a gut problem or perhaps a back injury from running the evening before. It ended up being a spinal injury and she is now on  course of prednisone which has made her feel a lot better by reducing the inflammation while she heals.



Anne, who does hoof trimming and body work, was out to work on Rusty and he is feeling much better after 3 sessions. He is more comfortable & has gained weight, too. She also trimmed Knickers’ feet, as he is a a two person job. The rest of the horses I can do myself. She also did some body work on Knicky and loosened up his front end. So many horses are in pain from old injuries or misuse and, because they are prey animals, they hide their pain and people are not aware they have problems. At the 2000 American Farrier’s Convention, it was said that 90% of the worlds horses are really unsound, although only 10 % are “dead lame”.  They felt that only 10% are truly sound. That is a sad testimony to poor horse care. JERAS practices natural horse care, natural barefoot trimming, gives them lots of room to roam, companionship and proper feeding. Many of the traditional ways of keeping horses- in stalls, with metal shoes and fed grain-are really not what Nature intended and there is now a huge movement to care for horses in a way which respects their natural evolutionary requirements. Even thought most of our horses have old injuries, they have blossomed here because of natural horse-keeping.

Julio has recovered from his surgery and it back to playing with Florencia. Here is a short video.

We received enough favorable new reviews to receive a Top-Rated Nonprofits 2013 status from Great Nonprofits. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review! Additional reviews are welcomed, too.

April was a busy month and also found us with about $800 in vet bills. As always, we are very grateful for our supporters. Thank you!


Cathy & The Gang

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January 3 rd


JERAS Newsletter Jan. 3, 2013

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JERAS Newsletter

We hope everyone had happy holidays. We had a great year, thanks to our supporters and receiving grants from Pepsi, ASPCA and Chase. We were able to expand by adding shelters, a hay shed and more fencing. We took in 5 additional horses in need and 3 more burros, two of whom were pregnant and presented us with 2 beautiful babies in 2012. We fostered 4 dogs who went on to great homes and took in another who is a permanent resident here.

Nina gave birth to Julio on Nov. 28 and he sure is a character. He is very cute, playful and all boy. Now that he is a month old, he and Florencia are beginning to play together. Flo is now 6 months old.


Warrior, the 23 year old mustang who joined us in November, is doing well, despite his fairly severe arthritis. He is getting along well with Big Rusty and Penny. He and Rusty like to play some “stallion” games, such as biting at each other & sparring. Warrior was a wild stallion for his first 6 years and Rusty was gelded at age 7, so they both feel pretty macho.


The dogs got some elk antlers for Christmas. Deer shed their antlers yearly, and we found a seller who collects shed antlers an cuts them up to sell as dog chews.

Raindance working on an antler

We got Maggie a plush ball on a rope, but Carson stole it.


We are battling Maggie’s dementia (cognitive dysfunction) and have her on vitamin c, b vitamins, SAMe, CoQ10, glutathione, zeolite and Neutricks. The Neutricks seem to help the most. She is 12 years old, but has had some neurological issues since being found as a stray puppy years ago. She used to have rage attacks, but several years of giving her Jernigan Lyme remedies cured her of them, so we suspect she had Lyme or another tick disease most of her life. She is still happy and active, with just some disorientation in the evening hours. She still loves to dig, too!


We have been having a cold spell, with night temperatures hitting the low to mid 20’s.  That means having to break ice from all the water troughs in the morning. Getting out to feed before the sun rises is easier when  I sometimes have great sunrises to greet me.


Here are a few videos.


Thank you for your support and for caring!

Cathy & the JERAS Gang

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