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September 11 th


Journey’s End Ranch Sept 11, 2017 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch Sept 11, 2017  Newsletter


We had another heartbreaking month. Knickers, the 35 year old Arabian stallion, had never fully recovered from his bee sting reaction last month. His hind end was a bit weak and wobbly if he trotted or cantered. He had a fatal colic early morning Aug. 26. Our vet came out to euthanize him and said he probably twisted part of his intestine. He also had some spinal issues. We feel the anaphylactic reaction to the bee may have set other things into motion. Our vet said the most common cause of death in old horses is colic. He was such an inspiration and a huge presence and is sorely missed.He was 35 years old and had survived horrific neglect from 2001-2011.


Knicky a few months ago.

Knickers. May 2017, about to turn 35

Rain. Our usual summer rainfall is 3 inches. We have had an endless monsoon season and have gotten 9 inches, more than we usually get in a year.

Nine days ago, our transformer was hit by lightening. The storm was just coming in and I was about to turn off the computer when there was a large “crack” and my hands were thrown off the keyboard. Our 10 month old I-mac and modem were fried. Our Apple coverage does not cover “external forces”. Our insurance has a $1K deductible, so we will get $300 towards the computer. I am now back on 8 year old laptop. Will see if a local repair shop can fix it, as Apple insists on them being hand delivered & I cannot go to Las Vegas, 120 miles away. A few days later, I discovered my well had also been hit. The “pump saver” did its job, but the cost to replace was $765 which is covered by insurance. The circuit breakers and surge protector were no match for the lightening bolt that hit. The power company was out at 2 AM to fix the transformer.

Compared to the devastation faced by hurricane and fire victims around the country, we are still very blessed here.

On a lighter note, Dakota, the 26 year old mustang mare, decided to jump through the fence wire and go live with Warrior and Penny, who live separated because they can only eat pellets. Warrior is thrilled. He is 28 and somewhat crippled, but lives up to his name. The other four geldings are a bit miffed, but such is life.

Dakota using Warrior’s tail as a wig

Poco had a song yesterday and Chico was being a brat.

Diego has been here two years now. He has come a long way from the neglected horse who had lived isolated in a small pen with no shelter for 20 years. If you give them what they need- good nutrition, space, shelter and friends, horses can do an amazing job of healing themselves physically and mentally.

Diego yesterday

We have had some gorgeous skies with all the wet weather.

Sunrise today

Sunset clouds

A year ago, we got a small grant to go towards a small vehicle we could use for dragging manure. We found this “Go-4” a few months ago. It is the kind of vehicle meter maids use. It works well and is fun to use.


Our thoughts go out to the hurricane and fire victims this summer and to my hometown, New York, on this 16th anniversary of 9-11.

Thank you for your support.
Cathy & the Gang

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