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September 20 th


Carson, another adrenal crisis

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It took me two days to realize that Carson’s GI distress was another adrenal crisis.  He’s normally on florinef and pred for his adrenals. The only way to monitor the pred dosage is by clinical observation. I guess he may need > 5 mg a day. 10 mg would be the high end dose. The problem is that he is high stress, very anxious…anytime he sees Bear or I go near the horses, he gets very upset. If I lock him in the house when I feed the horses, he gets more upset. You want to keep them on enough adrenal meds to feel well, but not so much that they have the unwanted effects- weight gain, immune suppression…..I have figured out the florinef dosage he needs without the benefit of lab work, because it is near impossible for the vet to draw blood due to Carson’s very defensive attitude.

I thought he had been a little quiet lately because of the heat, but now I know it was his adrenals. An injection of dexamethasone last night returned him to his lively self by this morning. I have Addison’s disease myself. Dealing with Carson does not help mine, either. LOL.

Carson singing for his breakfast

Here was Carson, just 2 weeks ago… goes to show how things can change so quickly.

Right now, he is chewing a bone and seems to feel very well. There is a lot to be said for steroids, when they are needed.


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