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September 25 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 25/ coyote & rattler

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I am getting hammered by Lyme die-off from taking the microlactin (immune modulating supplement) but my heart pain is gone and I am not turning yellow, so I will persist. If I don’t do something to control the Lyme, I get more and more fatigue and then brain fog. Losing my mind is not an option around here, so I will put up with the flu symptoms, pain and neuropathy.

Today, I did all the AM chores- meds to 10 dogs, fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig, picked up dog doo…by the way, “poop patrol” is more challenging  now that I have an additional 1/4 acre to keep clean. In the sagebrush out there, it’s a real search effort. I fed the dogs and gave them rawhide. Carson feels better, but is still a bit weak since going through 2 adrenal crises in the past week. I upped his Florinef to 5 a day. That one med alone now costs $60 a month at this dosage. He is worth every cent if it keeps him alive.

I let Bear out loose (he stays within 400 feet of the house) so I could let Carson out into the new yard for about 10 minutes. Took some video.

I put the latch on the new gate and drove some fiberglass fence posts into the ground  to anchor down every other Fast Fence “push in” post. They only go in 6 inches and the sandy soil here does not hold really well, so I drove the extra posts in 2 feet and tied the 2 posts together.

I went down to check the horses and, much to my surprise, found a pretty big rattler under the hose bib at the shed…. OK, my first pet was a snake (at age 3). I love snakes…for the first 7 years here,  I carefully captured and moved ( to about 5 mies away) about 35 rattlers. Then, I found out that rattlers do not survive if taken out of home territory. Well, if it was just me and them, I would leave them be. However, we have had a horse, burro and 2 dogs bitten.

Patty 2 hours after Mohave rattler bite

Jovita almost died. The vet was out twice at a cost of $400. She then developed severe secondary inflammatory disease and was ill > 2 years. We tried everything, even homeopathy with a world-renowned vet. Finally, I tried Jernigan Neuro Antitox, which I use to detox Lyme toxins myself. It cured all her symptoms except for the head tilt.

Now, the conundrum… I follow my moral compass of live & let live, or do I kill an innocent creature to protect our animals..and possibly myself?  Remember, I am very immunocompromised and cannot be hospitalized due to severe MCS. I must treat my own injuries, even stapling my own arm up last year when Carson gave me a 2 inch gash.

I had to make the hard decision last year to protect these animals. I cannot ask the public to help support them and then allow them to be at risk when the risk can be somewhat avoided.  I do believe in Karma, and I am probably going to be reborn into many more lifetimes of illness for my crimes, but kill the snake I did.

I removed the head and put the rest of the snake where the coyotes would find it. They will eat rattlers. I tried to take a nap after lunch, but the dogs kept barking….they saw the coyote who was down there for hours stalking the dead snake. I finally went down and cut it up, so hopefully he will not be so scared of it.

No nap, Karma already hitting ….

We received $30 today from the sale of LaCroix shirts- greatly appreciated.

This has been a slow month for donations and we have had to spend a lot more than has come in. We did get $60 from sales of Darcy’s calendars yesterday- very much appreciated.

Please visit our affiliates page to see how you can save $, help us and find nice items and gifts.

It’s 4:30, dogs have been fed and are sleeping. Maybe I will get a 30 minute nap before attacking paperwork and getting back online. Then, evening feeding and chores….

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September 24 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 24

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Carson pulled through another adrenal crisis last night and I increased his daily meds more. After the usual morning chores or caring for 21 animals, I let all the dogs except Carson and Patty out into the new yard, and took some video. I am in day 3 of a migraine and in worrying about Carson, I forgot my own adrenal meds this AM. I remembered them mid morning and they helped me a lot. I went through some emails and spent a little time on Facebook responding to messages, sharing petitions and commenting on a few threads- all involving animal rescue and animal issues. I sent a thank you to one of our monthly supporters whose donation came in today. I always include the latest news from JERAS. I started laundry and then went to soak some horses hooves. I took more video, imported it into the computer and uploaded it to Youtube.  By the time I soaked hooves, trimmed Flash’s back feet a little and changed all the water troughs, it was late morning, so I went ahead and fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig their lunch. Wilbur also got his mud bath and I hosed off the horses.

I hung my clothes on the line and asked Patty to please not eat them. I still have to fix the door she tore apart yesterday.

It is 12:30, I still have to cook and eat lunch and shower. Still have hundreds of emails to go through and more video to upload. My paperwork is poling up, as usual…I hope I can get to some of it later. Still have the dogs to feed and medicate later, other animals to feed tonight, some supplies to unpack. I still need to fix the door Patty tore up and add a latch to the gate I installed yesterday. By the time I get off the computer tonight, it will be about 11.  I am worried about Carson. Addison’s disease dogs are not supposed to get stressed. He is a highly anxious dog and there is no way I can change him. We even tried psyche meds and he got worse. So, I do my best and pray he has more time.

Dog video from today and yesterday:

Horses today- video:






"Fast Fence" electric mesh

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September 24 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 23

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Had a migraine all night. Did the usual AM chores, plus continued helping to network 2 mustangs in Pa. that were about to ship to slaughter unless at least $1200 was raised to buy them and allow them to go to a rescue in Florida. A bunch of us were up late last night working on donations for that. As of today, things look good. Thank you, Carol Poole for coordinating and staying up half the night.

It is still in the 90’s here- very hot for late Sept. I cut a hole in the fence and allowed most of the dogs out into the new play area. That was fun for them. I then drove two T- posts into the ground and installed a 4 foot wide gate between the old and new yards.

I had stashed some rawhide in the laundry closet this AM and Patty went and tore the door apart in her attempt to get at it. She is punishing me for confining her while her knee injury heals.





Patty at the scene of the crime

That will be a new job for tomorrow.

I hosed the horses at lunchtime, fed all the outside animals, and made a mud hole for Wilbur.

Got  back to computer work, ate a late lunch, no nap…….Carson was fine at 3 PM meal, very excited…at 6 PM he started to crash again………gave him a shot of dexate…….do not know why he is going into these adrenal crises..I had increased his meds and he had been okay for the past few days. I can’t take him to the vet, he hates strangers, will attack…and the stress would kill him anyway.

So, it is 7 PM, I am watching him, still have to vacuum, do my dishes, do dog dishes, shower,  read hundreds of emails, check on the Fb mustang rescue effort, pray that Carson makes it and I have another migraine….

Please send good thoughts to Carson…

Carson May 2010 and January 2011


video from today





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