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November 15 th


Burro News & Video, JERAS Nov. 14, 2011

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I kept the 3 burros in the small corral last night so the new boy was safe away from the horses. Well, he was romancing Serena and there was a lot of singing and braying all night. Patty kept running out the dog door to bark at them. So much for a good night’s sleep!

This morning, after everyone had eaten, I vaccinated Jo and Serena for tetanus, which we only do every 3 years. I had epinephrine on hand in case of a reaction. I have not gotten over the scare of Rusty reacting to his vaccination a week ago. I then cut some hair away from the new burro’s freeze mark. It is a poorly done mark, the 2nd symbol for year of birth is missing, but he was born in 1990 something. I checked his incisor for Galvayne’s groove and he has one which is 1/3 of the way down the tooth- so that makes him appear to be ~ 13 years old. Even if he had been born in 1999, he would be 12 now. I cleaned his feet and he was very agreeable to the handling.

Pepito- new burro

I then turned the burros out and brought Rusty in, so they would not be threatened by him. I picked up manure on that side of the corral, cleaned and treated Rusty’s feet and then put a longe line on him for the first time. He knows how to longe on a loose line and knows “walk”, “trot” and “whoa”.Five minutes was enough, as I can’t stand mindless running of horses in circles and was just curious as to whether he had been worked from the ground in his past.
We were going to have A Facebook naming contest for the burro, and I have a long list of names. However, tonight “Pepito” just came out of my mouth and his ears went up as if it was familiar or else he just likes it. So, Pepito it may be. It’s meaning is “God will increase”….not sure if the herd will increase or maybe our bank account, which would really be nice!

I cleaned and treated Kola’s feet, then took burro video.

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