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December 12 th


Gracie going back to her former home.

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We are so happy to report that JoLynn will take Gracie back to her rescue/rehab in S. Az. Gracie had lived there 3 weeks before coming to us. JoLynn had accepted her from an Akita rescue, who had failed to get Gracie’s low thyroid diagnosed. So, now that Gracie is on thyroxine and acting like a normal dog, she will fit in great at JoLynn’s place and be able to hold her own with the other big dogs. We are so grateful to JoLynn for caring about all her dogs and being willing to take Gracie back. She will probably make the trip tomorrow. I will miss her and I know the JERAS dogs will, too. However, my allergic reactions to her have gotten intolerable and I have not been able to function as I need to in order to run this sanctuary with a clear head. I do not regret taking Gracie in, as we diagnosed her health problem and she is well on her way to recovery.

Gracie-gaining weight and looking more like an Akita

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December 11 th


GRACIE may need a home!

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Gracie after 6 days on thyroid meds

Gracie and Missy

Gracie arrived a month ago, having just been attacked by another dog, then bathed in flea shampoo. Because of my chemical sensitivities, she made me very ill and I had to wear a mask to be around her and keep her outdoors. Well, I am heartbroken to say, but after 4 baths by the groomer and a month outdoors, she still sets off migraine headaches. I am afraid I am allergic to her, or maybe the pesticide sensitized me to her hair.

Gracie was very thin and very timid upon arrival. She had spent 3 months with other rescues, none of which realized the cause of her problems- low thyroid. She has been on thyroxine for 4 weeks and is playful and friendly. She gets along well with 9 other dogs here. It breaks my heart to think we may have to seek a new home for her, but I cannot go through every day trying to avoid contact with her and she deserves better.

She is about 4 years old, housebroken, spayed, microchipped,  likes other dogs and is very appreciative of any attention given to her. She has not had an easy life. She was found in a shelter in northern California, then with Akita rescue 2 months, then sent to S. Az. and finally ended up here.

JERAS will get her thyroid levels checked in the next 2 weeks to be sure she is on the correct dose of thyroxine, which must be given twice a day. We would gladly adopt her out with a year’s supply of medication (cost of ~ 12 cents a day) and we will pay for her yearly thyroid blood test in the future.

Gracie is a homebody and I doubt she would stray away from home. She respects our fence. She is a really wonderful girl who needs a chance to have a forever home where she will be loved ands appreciated.

Please contact us at (928) 757-7182 if you might want to adopt her. We could arrange transportation in the S. West or S. Ca. areas, maybe farther. Thank you.

Gracie-gaining weight and looking more like an Akita

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