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April 9 th


Rhonda beagle and other news

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Last week, we took in an old beagle from the local shelter because she  had been there 3 weeks and the shelter was full and could not hold her any longer. She has an unregistered microchip, but by calling the microchip company, we were able to find out she had been “processed” by the Hunte Corp. which is the largest broker of puppy mill dogs in the world. They are in Missouri. We found out that she will be ten years old in Sept. She was shipped to a Kingman pet shop and apparently lived here all her life. Why no one went searching for her is a mystery, but she sat at the shelter for 3 weeks after coming in as a stray.

The shelter called her Wanda, but we tweaked it to Rhonda. She has kennel cough and is staying in our isolation pen and is not too happy about it. She does, however, enjoy 3 long walks every day. She arrived very thin, but is gaining weight and getting very spunky on good food (Diamond Naturals Senior Eight) and supplements. I put 2 coats on her at night so she stays warm. She also has some bad dental tartar, but gnawing on bones has helped  scrape a lot of it away already. She is very happy and a pleasure to have here. I can’t wait until her cough subsides so she can come up and join the other dogs.



Rhonda enjoying a bone


Our friend, Billie, has a daughter in college in Memphis whose professor started the American Values Project

We submitted this picture to them of Carson and me

American Values Project submission


Carson was very suspicious of the self portrait I was attempting to take and was beginning to curl his lip at me…

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