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July 7 th


Radio show interview

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In June 30, I had the pleasure of doing an interview on Blog Talk Radio with renowned pet psychic, Laura Stinchfield. Laura also “spoke” with Carson. If you go to this link and forward to the 40 minute mark, you can listen in. It was fun, we got to hear from Carson,  and we hope it introduced more people to our sanctuary. Thank you to Nancy Stone and Laura!

Carson 3/13/11

Two days ago, little Pete took off for the Phoenix area, where Az. Cocker Rescue will find him his forever home. We were happy when they offered to take him, as our remote location and my having to stay here 24/7 makes it hard to find potential adopters. The gals at Cocker Rescue are in love with him and he is a big hit with everyone he meets. Many thanks to them!

Pistol Pete- from Dallas

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