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November 23 rd


Viktor Reinhardt includes JERAS in new book!

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We are thrilled that Dr. Viktor Reinhardt has included JERAS in his new book, “Home For Life, Sanctuaries For Abandoned Pets”.  He just sent us a copy and it features 12 sanctuaries, so we are very honored to be one of them.

Dr.Viktor Reinhardt's new book

From a bio:

“In 1994, Reinhardt joined the Animal Welfare Institute as a consultant. The Institute was instrumental in creating the Animal Welfare Act (1955, amended in 1985). Reinhardt writes papers to increase awareness among young scientists and the public to improve the living and handling conditions of non-human primates and laboratory animals in general.

Observing undisturbed animals fascinates Reinhardt. He is “humbled that animals of very different species and people share the same emotional and behavioral roots.”

“For me,” Reinhardt says, “it has always been a privilege to be with animals, to gain their trust and to gradually get some insight into their emotions. Observing animals is often like looking into a mirror; you learn much about yourself.”

……….I ran to town this morning to get lumber and corrugated steel roofing to make a 20 X 10 foot roof over some corral panels I fixed up to form a burro shelter. Next week, I will run some new electric fence, which is thankfully very reasonable to install, in order to create an area for the burros. That way, our 3 burros and the 2 girls coming from New Mexico will have their own area.

soon- to-be burro shelter


Our Friend Allison Morris, on Facebook, create this nice greeting for us. I ordered some prints so we can use it for cards. Thank you, Allison!

Holiday Greetings

Well, tomorrow morning I will be building the burro shelter, after chores and exercising the dogs. I have already pre-drilled the lumber so nailing will be easier when installing the rafters. I am sure that I will have a huge audience, the animals love to watch me working for them!

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October 22 nd


JERAS Diary Oct. 21/ lab results and more

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Since the weather is cooling off, I am working on outdoor projects. I am about to build a room inside the big metal shed so I can empty the small storage shed by the house and move those things to the new little room (walk-in closet, actually). I already have a doggie door going into the shed by the house and I will fix it up so the dogs in that yard have somewhere to go for a nap if they want to.

I took Flash for a short ride yesterday, just around his 2 acre paddock. He is the most agreeable little guy and really enjoys the attention, as he seems to like the company of humans more than horses- very strange indeed. I automatically call him “Rusty” because he looks like a “Rusty” to me and “Flash” does not roll off the tongue easily. So, I guess he is getting a new name.

Flash late August, before gaining the rest of his weight

The lab results came back on the dogs. Carson is at the correct dosage of florinef. I am in the process of reducing his prednisolone and hopefully he will be able to feel well on 5 mg. a day. Hemopet was surprised that 2 of the dogs seem like they no longer need thyroxine and 2 look like they need less than the doses they required a year ago. I think the fact we detox them and also use Jernigan antimicrobial remedies may be allowing their thyroid glands to actually recover. Dr. Dodds, in her book, The Canine Thyroid Epidemic, says that toxins, bacteria and viruses can damage the thyroid gland. It makes sense to me that you can help the gland heal by killing pathogens and using substances that remove toxins, such as zeolite and Jernigan Neuro Antitox. Please see our webpage

I soaked and trimmed Rene’s feet today and started cleaning the shed. I am going to be cleaning and rearranging the big shed tomorrow to make room for the walls I will be building after I run to get the lumber and wallboard Monday. I hope to be able to work with Rusty again Sunday.





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