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February 9 th


Low Thyroid Kills Dogs!

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I cannot believe we got another email from someone wanting us to take a fearful dog  today.

They have seen vets, trainers and called even one famous animal sanctuary who referred them to us!  Well, that sanctuary takes in ~ 34 million dollars a year, so I was a bit shocked, but I am glad they did, because now this dog owner has the info which may save their dog’s life and allow her to stay with her family.

Here is a Facebook note I wrote a long time ago and share often:


I am talking until I am blue in the face. Low thyroid causes >60% of aggression and > 40% of fearfulness in dogs, yet NO ONE MENTIONS IT!  I see thread after thread on Fb with people discussing behavioral problems with impounded dogs and no one mentions thyroid testing. Most dogs are abandoned because of behavior. MANY ARE ILL, not badly behaved.


My sanctuary got a call from a gal in tears because her rescued dog has gotten progressively more aggressive over time. She has been to vets, she called rescues and sanctuaries trying to place him. NO ONE ASKED ABOUT THE DOG’S HEALTH. I did. He also has skin allergies and digestive problems.




She is now going to have Hemopet ( do a thyroid panel and I am very sure they will discover thyroid disease. A pill twice a day will probably “cure” all his problems and save him from being put to sleep.


Please, get educated and SHARE THE INFO. Please read Dr. Jean Dodds’ new book- The Canine Thyroid Epidemic


Other symptoms:

Clinical Signs of Canine Hypothyroidism


Alterations in Cellular Metabolism

weakness / stiffness / laryngeal paralysis / facial paralysis / tragic expression / knuckling or dragging feet / muscle wasting / megaesophagus / head tilt / drooping eyelids


Neuromuscular Problems

seizures / mental dullness / exercise intolerance / neurologic signs / polyneuropathy / lethargy / weight gain / cold intolerance / mood swings hyperexcitability / stunted growth / chronic infections


Dermatologic Diseases

dry, scaly skin and dandruff / coarse, dull coat / bilateral symmetrical hair loss / rat tail, puppy coat / hyperpigmentation / seborrhea or greasy skin / pyoderma or skin infections / myxedema / chronic offensive skin odor


Reproductive Disorders

infertility of either sex / lack of libido / testicular atrophy / hypospermia aspermia / prolonged interestrus interval / absence of heat cycles / silent heats / pseudopregnancy / weak, dying or stillborn pups


Cardiac Abnormalities

slow heart rate (bradycardia) / cardiac arrhythmias / cardiomyopathys


Gastrointestinal Disorders

constipation / diarrhea / vomiting


Hematological Disorders

bleeding / bone marrow failure / low red blood cells / low white blood cells / low platelets


Ocular Diseases

corneal lipid deposits / corneal ulceration / uveitis Keratococonjunctivitis / sicca or dry eye / infections of eyelid glands (Meibomian gland)


Other Associated Disorders

lgA deficiency / loss of smell (dysosmia) / loss of taste / glycosuria / chronic active hepatitis / other endocrinopathies adrenal, pancreatic, parathyroid

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