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New horse social structure here at JERAS. Since they are all together, Scout has joined with Mariah and Windy, Raven has Kola and Tonka has Rene’. So we, now have three family bands…very interesting to watch. Kola protects Raven and drives the other horses way. No one is fighting and there is a lot more movement. The two burros stick together and are eating brush on the north end, now that they have access to it.

three of our mustangs

We were sponsoring (with the generous help of donors) a Texas death row dog named Soni. Well, after committing to his neutering, it has been discovered he has heartworm. So, he will now need to be treated for that. On top of that, Carolina Dog experts say he is a Carolina Dog- a rather rare pariah dog dating back 1600 years and still found feral in the SE. They were the first Native American dog living with the Indians. Anyone who wishes to help with the additional costs involved with saving Soni can donate and put a notation on the Pay Pal form. Thank you!

Carolina Dog Research Site


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February 4 th


WOOOO HOOOO! Daisy finds a home!

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Daisy, the dog in the Dallas area shelter is really a Carolina Dog, an ancient Native American breed. A few experts saw our postings and got involved and she will soon go to her new home in Baltimore. We are thrilled to have helped save her and thankful to the Carolina Dog people.

Daisy needs a home!

Here is a link to Carolina Dog info.

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February 3 rd


Cold Weather in Az.& Saving Urgent Dogs

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We are having some nighttime lows of about 20 degrees and high winds, but it is clear and we are more fortunate than much of the country. The equines are getting extra hay to generate more body heat.  Some people mistakingly think they should increase grain in cold weather, but the truth is horses generate more body heat by digesting the complex carbs and fiber in grass hay. Wilbur got double rations of Elder Pet Pig food today, too.

The dogs don’t mind the cold and spent hours playing outdoors, but 5 of them wear their coats. The other 5  either have long hair or want nothing to do with dog clothing.

Patty snuggling with Missy

We sponsored and collected funds to save a nice dog in Texas this week. He was surrendered because his owner said he had grown “too big”. How ridiculous! He only needed $100 of vetting/neuter to be able to escape being put to sleep at the Irvine Shelter. The mgr. at Irvine is a wonderful gal and works hard to make it easy for rescues to take place. “Soni” goes to his foster home in Texas Friday and will be looking for a forever home.


We also are trying to save “Daisy”, a nice possible Carolina Dog. She is listed as a Shiba Inu mix, but the owner of a Carolina Dog pointed out that she appears to be a Carolina Dog. She is spayed, housebroken, heart worm negative and good with dogs & cats. JERAS can get her fees waived and she has $125 in a fund which could help transport her to a new home. Contact us if you might want to adopt her. She is also in the Dallas area at the Irvine Shelter.

Daisy needs a home!

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