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February 28 th


Please Donate to Animal Charity

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Won’t you please donate to animal charity? We are proud to be one of a handful of Equine Rescues Licensed in Arizona. We take in homeless horses and burros and give them a good life. Our support comes from generous folks like you. Could you sponsor a horse, burro or other precious animal? Every little bit helps! I work 16 hour days and don’t get paid a cent. My property houses our 24 rescues at no cost to the sanctuary… we are struggling with hay prices doubled… Please support the small, honest, hard working organizations. We need to come up with a lot of $$ for hay, > $10,000 by summer if we are to get through to then and then get a semi-load to save $ in the long run. Every bit helps!

Thank you!

Three of our rescued mustangs


Two of our once-wild burros

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