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September 13 th


JERAS horses get dentals

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Our friend, Equine Veterinary Technician and Dental Technician, Christine Griffin, came yesterday to check the horses’ teeth. We were blessed with a few clouds, which made it cooler. Everyone was fairly well-behaved, with the help of a little sedative. Christine did not find any major problems, just some sharp edges and “hooks” that had to be removed (floated). Mariah was acting as “sidewalk superintendent” and kept getting into Christine’s equipment. Today, everyone is having an easier time chewing their hay.

I worked as an Animal Heath Tech for years and have also had many vets out to do teeth in my 35 years of keeping horses.I must say I have never seen anyone as gentle, efficient and capable as Christine. The equine world is lucky to have her.

Here is her website which is currently being updated.

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