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August 27 th


A lesson in courage & compassion

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When I was 9, we had a summer house and my Mom saw that there was a local horse auction on Wed.nights. She and my Grandmother thought it would be a fun outing for me, the horse-crazy kid. Well, what we found was a bunch of sad looking horses, some thin, some injured, many being bought by kill buyers. This was the night we learned why they were running horses over the scales- slaughter. My Grandmother was not a horsey person, she wore white gloves & carried a parasol. However, she found a produce stand nearby and bought a big bag of apples, which she doled out to every horse she could reach in the pens. The KB’s and regulars were smirking. They thought she was silly and stupid. She openly chastised anyone who would neglect or abuse these animals.  She was sad….and angry. That was one of the biggest lessons in courage and compassion I ever received. I now think back and know that this act of kindness was the last one some of those horses were ever to receive….Thanks, Nanny.

Nanny and me 1959

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