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April 21 st


JERAS Sanctuary News April 21

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JERAS Sanctuary News-

It’s been busy around here. We took in an old beagle from the local shelter 2 weeks ago. She arrived with kennel cough and had to be kept isolated for about 12 days.”Rhonda” seems hyperactive for almost 10 years old and also is hard to get weight on…we will be getting her thyroid tested Tuesday, as these can be signs of low thyroid. She is spunky and vocal and quite a little character.


We also have a new horse. His name is Rusty, so now we have Little Rusty and Big Rusty. Big Rusty is a 19 year old Arabian whose owner could no longer keep him. He is very sweet. He arrived with some fungal skin infection (‘rain rot”) and some infection in his feet, but a  medicated bath, hoof soaking and trimming and our dry climate is fixing those problems fast. He is somewhat thin, but also does not have a great appetite. I moved corral panels today to give him a private eating area. I filled his feeder with some alfalfa cubes, hay pellets and CoolStance. After 3 hours, he had eaten the CoolStance and only about half of the other food..this has me somewhat concerned and I have asked his previous owner about his lack of appetite. She just had his teeth done and vaccinations given not long before he came here. Right now, he is out with Mariah and Pepito. Mariah is quite smitten by him.

Big Rusty getting hoof soaking


Big Rusty

Big News!

Our Spring Hay Funds Drive is underway and we are really trying to reach $4500 so that we can cover a semi load of out of state hay. This will save us $3500 over the next 7-8 months! We found some nice grass hay and had a sample sent to us. It is clean & green. The grower also had it analyzed and it came out very acceptable for feeding horses. Donations are really needed at this time & are always greatly appreciated! Being able to get this hay will save us lots of money and the quality is better that the hay we have been paying so much for here locally.

That is the latest JERAS Sanctuary News. Please consider donating towards the hay drive, it is greatly needed at this time. Thank you!

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February 26 th


Thank you, CoolStance donation to animal charity

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JERAS would like to thank CoolStance for donating their product to us as we rehabilitate Knickers, a 30 year old Arabian stallion who went through at least 10 years of neglect and deprivation. You can read his story on our website under “Horses”.

He has gained 100# in 5 weeks and is feeling very spunky. He seems to love the taste of the CoolStance, too.

Please visit their site for more info:  CoolStance



Here he is coming for lunch!


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