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February 17 th


Katie the Coonhound is safe!

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I posted Katie the coonhound to Fb after receiving her info via email from an Az. friend. Katie was in east Texas and my Facebook friend, Denise Bundy, who wanted to save her, lives in New Mexico. Tom Carlson, in Texas, jumped in to help coordinate rescue and the shelter was great, too. They let JERAS “pull” Katie and helped with the flight. Katie is now in her new, loving home and this is what Denise has to say:

“This is what Katie learned on her first day: (1) Some doggies just don’t want to be friends with you,but that’s okay because that gives you the opportunity to ride in the front seat and take a nap while the malcontents have to sit on the back seat. (2) If you drive through a bank they give you doggie biscuits. If you drive through a pharmacy they give you doggie biscuits. If you drive through Long John Silvers they give you fish n chips. And all is good. (3) Double beds with goose down quilts are very comfortable after a long trip.(4) Pit bulls are not half as tough as they pretend to be. (5) There are CATS in the world. Cats have sharp claws. Better not touch those cats. (6) Baying sounds a lot louder in the mountains than on flatland. (7) Trucks are great, and I have one that is mine (8) That chew toy is mine. That rawhide chew is mine. That ball is mine. The malcontents can just sit and watch me because everything is MINE. (9) The feed bowl is mine and it seems to have unlimited supply of food. I think I’ll just tell everyone that the feed bowl is MINE. (10) That woman.. she’s mine too. *Grin*”

Katie the coonhound

Thank you to everyone involved in saving this young dog’s life!
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