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June 15 th


Thank you, Craftwork Fence!

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I had left a message with several local  fence companies regarding our need to have T -posts driven. Only one responded.  Art of Craftwork Fence  (Kingman, Az.) called me Thursday. He offered to do the job for a very reasonable price and came right out to look over our situation. Today, his crew of two men arrived at 6:30 AM and spent almost 7 hours doing  a perfect job. Having someone do it manually would have taken days in 100 degree temperatures. The Craftwork men used their hydraulic T-post driver and every post went in plumb and exactly the 2.5 feet deep I requested. JERAS is very pleased to have used Craftwork Fence and will recommend them in the future.


The Craftwork Fence crew at JERAS

Now, we will get our guy from Manpower to help with the insulators and I will run the electric tape and wire myself. My neck is still not in good shape since the horse ran me over a month ago, so snapping 400 insulators onto the posts is something I think I had better avoid doing, as the insulators I ordered require extra effort because they attach more securely than many insulator types do.

As long as the wind stays away, the Interstate Carports crew will install the shelter tomorrow. If all goes well, I can move Big Rusty and Penny to the new paddock in 4-5  days. Hooray! Once again, our sincere thanks to the Pepsi refresh Project and our friends who voted for us through the month of January.

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