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October 10 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct. 9

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I did all the AM chores, getting used to the new dog arrangements, and it is actually working well with the Shyla and Liza separated from the others. Everyone is calmer.

I shuffled dogs around and everyone got ample  play time in the big yard and I got my mile walk in, too.

I cleaned the pig and sheep pens and cleaned and sprayed a lot of hooves.

I sprayed Tara with vinegar and then gave her a 3rd bath, still trying to get all the fragrance off her coat. I will be calling the fragrance company tomorrow to see what it actually is, as I am certain it is not “natural”. My lungs still react to being near Tara and she is making me hand feed her because she is upset about having to stay outdoors.

Maggie wanted her bandages off, so I removed them. There is a lot of bruising and one small puncture still open, but not infected. My neighbor stopped by with carburetor spray and the truck started right up. Thank goodness! Maggie felt well enough to run along the fence as he was driving off.

I am trying to gets tons of paperwork/lab forms ready for the vet visit Tuesday. I have 9 Hemopet thyroid forms to fill out and the Az. Equine Rescue renewal papers. It is 5PM and I have not gotten to several hundred emails yet. Time to wash dog dishes feed the  horses and then give all the dogs their meds.

Liza and Shyla

I have had a Lyme headache since yesterday, courtesy of the waxing moon. I used to love the full moon, not anymore…LOL

Oh, and thinking of John Lennon on what would have been his 71st Birthday. Still miss him.

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October 9 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct.8

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This AM, after chores, I walked a mile with the dogs in the dog yard. I then set out to cross fence the yard to separate the dogs and discovered the hardware store had sent 5 foot posts and 6 foot fence, when I ordered 6 foot posts and 4 foot fence. I called and told the manager I had 2 dogs I had to separate from the old dogs to keep them safe and he ran out from town to trade materials, bringing me the right stuff. I drove 5 T posts, which set off my left elbow that has been painful for months (Lyme). I then ran 50 feet of fence and hammered in ground stakes to hold the bottom securely.

I ate a rice cake for lunch at 3 PM and fed all the dogs. Shyla and Liza were getting used to the idea of having their own yard. I then went to change Maggie’s bandage and was horrified to find purple bruising from her armpits to her groin. She really had been pummeled. The wounds looked better, though, and there was very little blood and serum on the bandage pad. I re-bandaged her, this time covering her entire barrel with padding and a light pressure wrap. Amazingly, she was trying to play with Carson tonight.

I did all the evening chores, took some video of Maggie, uploaded video and a few pics and it is now almost 9PM and I have not gotten to several hundred emails and Facebook notifications.

Two different people are coming to look at the parcel for sale tomorrow, so maybe our week from hell is going to go away….except….. I just got a new bottle of Show Sheen, which I use to detangle manes & tails, and also as a “safe” lubricant for hinges, padlocks and even coating gun barrels. It is pure liquid silicone. Well, I opened it last evening and, lo and behold, the “new” Show Sheen now has coat conditioners and FRAGRANCE. Recently, EMT Gel, which I loved for healing wounds, added fragrance, too. So, we have lost 2 essential items here. Synthetic fragrance is toxic. See this article from Animal Wellness magazine:


the "bad" girls in their own yard


Maggie 3 days after serious injuries

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October 6 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct.5

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Last night was cool and we still have wind and clouds and maybe more rain coming. Besides all the usual animal chores, I cleaned all the horse’s feet and put antibacterial powder on them. I gave Tara another bath in AFM Super Clean, another safe soap and added some vodka to try to get the perfume off her. Grain alcohol is a good and also safe solvent. I still can’t have her in the house but I can at least be around her outdoors now.

Carson has been getting some extra supplements since his adrenal crisis and they must be making him feel good, because he has been wooing Rainy for 2 days and driving her crazy.

Here is the new newsletter. We want to thank our supporters, without whom I could not do this work.

Thank you for your support! Funding is always a struggle and we appreciate our friends and supporters more than you can realize.

Our weather went from 90’s and A/C to rain and 60’s overnight. It is a welcome change.
I have been doing a lot of hoof soaking and trimming. With this many, it is almost a daily task. Wet weather also makes hooves prone to new infection, so I try to clean hooves daily and apply an antibacterial powder often.

Flash, the new mustang, has gained about 100 pounds and his feet are much better, after 6 trims. All the horses are chewing their feed better and look very comfortable since Christine Griffin was here to do dentals. Our veterinarian will be out in a week or two to do the yearly inspection for our Az. Equine Rescue license. We are one of only 6 rescues licensed in Az. He will also be drawing blood for thyroid testing on the dogs and doing a few other odds & ends.

I thought we were going to lose Carson two weeks ago when he went into two adrenal crises in one week. He was not under any additional stress that I know of, but he is so high strung as it is that he stresses himself. Due to his defensive attitude and propensity to bite when he feels threatened, running him to the vet was not an option. Instead, I treated him with injectable steroids and oral electrolytes. He is now also on an increased dose of both his adrenal hormones and is feeling very well again.

We applied for a small grant for fencing and now the dogs have an additional 1/4 acre to play in. Walking all 10 every day on leashes was more than I could sustain and I was getting my back and shoulders injured often because they will really pull if they see a rabbit or lizard running by. We got Fast Fence electric mesh, very reasonable and easy to put up. If touched, it gives a mild shock. So, now, we all explore the new yard every morning and I walk 13 laps which gives me my mile of walking. I left all the sagebrush in the new area, so they have fun nosing around and digging, too.

I have been taking a lot of video diary. Here are some links. I hope you will take a few minutes to “visit” us via these videos.

I met a gal on Linkedin who gives online jewelry parties and she will donate 50% of her profits to JERAS if you attend and purchase anything.
If you are interested in coming to this event or have friends or family who would like to attend this online jewelry event and want to receive an e invitation, please send your email addresses to: and say you you want to attend the JERAS event .
Online jewelry/fashion apparel E-Boutique event
Coming Soon! New products for fundraising events!

We also have a hay funds drive in progress, but very little response so far. We only took in half as much funding as we needed to run the sanctuary in September. We really need our friends to spread the word for us if possible. I am putting in 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and I can’t do more.

You can join Stay Classy for free and create your own fundraising page to help JERAS and  then share on Facebook, Twitter and by email or other networks. Deb Gulley has already done it and we appreciate that a lot! Link below.

We need ~$3500 to get from late October through March. I think we will give all the people who donate through the Stay Classy link a chance to receive some artwork and collectibles. You cannot have “raffles” online, but we can randomly pick some donors to send thank you gifts to. So, from now until the end of October, we will be having our campaign.

As part of this event, you can create a personal fundraising page and raise money for the cause. Just join Stay Classy (no charge).

Here are a few things our donors have a chance to receive-

Please also share our affiliates page as people can save money on animal supplies and help us at the same time.

Cathy and the Gang

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