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November 17 th


Warrior Arrives & A Surprise from Carson

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Warrior Arrives & A Surprise from Carson

On Wednesday,  Christine Griffin and her husband, Larry, brought Warrior, the 23 year old rescued mustang, to us. They were on their way to their property in Eastern Az. They had been keeping him since he was rescued from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter where he was facing being put down. Animal Control had taken him away from an abusive owner. JERAS received an email about him a month ago and we tried hard to find him a home through networking. No one wanted an old, arthritic horse. We could not see him being put down after all he has been through and offered him a home. While at Christine’s, he had his teeth done, which was badly needed. She is a Certified Equine Dental Tech and does great work. A Facebook friend suggested the name “Warrior”, as he is a real survivor. Since he arrived here, I have trimmed his hooves, which have some real pathology, but will improve over time with frequent, correct trimming. He is getting all the fine bermuda hay he can eat and soaked hay pellets and soaked alfalfa cubes, plus vitamins, minerals, joint supplements and PowerStance. All the horses & burros love the donated PowerStance.

Warrior is very wary of people, but once he is haltered, is very well behaved. He has arthritis, lumps & bumps, is underweight and even has a torn nostril. We will never know what abuse and neglect he endured, but he is safe now. I did some TTouch with him today and he closed his eyes & started sighing…I plan to put him with the old Arabs (Big Rusty and Penny) and to bring Rene’ over so that Warrior will have a mustang mare as a companion. Rene’ is a bit of an outcast with the other mustangs, so this plan should work well.


Last Sunday, Carson went into what appeared to be an Addison’s crisis. He hates strangers and taking him to the vet is not possible, so we deal with Carson’s health needs at home. I gave him increased prednisolone and he began to bounce back, but then a big lump came up on his throat. I spoke to our vet and the possibilities seemed to be a tumor or enflamed lymph node. I feared it was a cancer, and decided to put him on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone), which is an immune modulating therapy, safe & cheap. LDN treats many cancers and autoimmune diseases. I had considered trying it in the past, as Carson has 3 autoimmune diseases, but was afraid to tamper with his immune system. After one dose, he seemed happier & perkier. A few days passed, and then this morning, I awoke to a pleasant, albeit messy surprise. Apparently he had a lymph node abscess, and it broke open over night. What a relief! Carson is very lovable towards me, as long as I am not trying to treat him. If he feels threatened, he will bite. So, I tied him to the fence, ran the hose from the shower head & out the bathroom window to Carson so I could warm water hose his neck and flush the hole as best I could. Then I sprayed it with Vetericyn and started him on Keflex. Tonight, there is no more drainage and he feels very well and we are most thankful that he appears to have more time left on this earth with us. His ornery attitude also saves us a lot on vet bills we don’t have to deal with!


Carson and his adoring fans

We have not yet gotten the grant we won, and we have a few regular donors who have been unable to help us for a few months, so any help is very greatly appreciated. Warrior’s feed alone will be costing at least $150 a month as long as he is eating pelleted hay and requiring extra food to gain weight. Besides donations, you can help us by buying goods & services through our affiliates. Please see our webpage for everything from wine, to music lessons, T shirts, magazines, supplements and animal supplies.

Please visit our Affiliates page to save $ and help us at the same time!

 Thank you!
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June 12 th


Rambeau gets a makeover and other news

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Rambeau arrived here last year with old wool that had never shed out and would not brush out. Barbados sheep should shed out like goats do, but he did not. We had the mobile dog groomer out today to help. I gave him a little tranquilizer, but he was still not too cooperative. I scissored him and Laura used her clippers on his front end. He only allowed scissors on his rear.  I hosed him off when we were done because he was hot from struggling. He looks better and is much cooler now.

Rambeau before

The new, improved Rambeau

I washed Big Rusty and Penny off and they really enjoyed it. Most of the mustangs get a daily hosing. They line up begging to be sprayed as I am filling the water troughs.

Penny & Big Rusty

Rhonda began running a fever Saturday night, after her dental extractions Friday. They had given her a penicillin injection, but apparently she had resistant bacteria. I started her on Keflex Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon, her fever was gone and she was eating again. She can only have soft food for 10 days. Her mouth was a mess, from years of neglect. She had 7-8 teeth pulled.



We had vet bills of $800 last week- the dental/ranch call for Penny, Carson’s blood work and Rhonda’s dental. Next week, we will have an $800 feed delivery. We have lost a few monthly donors  this month. Any help is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you.

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January 27 th


Knickers gets a horsey makeover

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Knickers, the 30 year old Arabian stallion we just took in, saving him from being put down, had a quite a day today. He got a horsey makeover of sorts! At 10 AM, the farrier came to trim his hooves. I normally do the hoof trimming here, but his feet were too overgrown and he is not too easy to handle. Sam (the farrier) and I managed to get the job done with no one getting hurt and Knickers was not caused any upset.

newly trimmed hoof


Knickers, won't you sponsor a horse?


In the afternoon, our vet was out to give Knickers a much-needed dental. He is missing some molars and the opposing teeth kept growing into points, which had to be cut off with molar cutters, a tool that looks like a bolt cutter. Here is what was cut off. He also got his teeth floated, which is having the sharp edges filed off.

Sharp molar points which had been causing pain

Knickers was sedated for his dental, so he was very well behaved for that! When I fed him his evening meal, he was already having an easier time eating his soaked hay pellets.

While the vet was here, he took a look at Tara, because the groomer and I had found she has a tumor on her hind end. It does not appear to be cancerous and we feel surgery would be out of the question at her age and condition and the cost to do it. Our vet thinks it could be quite some time before it causes possible incontinence. Tara already has arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, so putting her through invasive surgery  would not be a good thing in our opinion.

Tara snoozing

Tonight, our friend Monica Wilson saw Knickers’ picture on Facebook and did some artistic changes. We love it!

Knickers, by Monica Wilson

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