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September 5 th


Flash, the not-so “quiet” mustang

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The people who owned Flash in 2009-2010 said he was lazy under saddle. Our friend who had him for a few months said he was very mellow, too…

I think part of his problem was improperly trimmed hooves which result in pain. I even read an article that stated that a horse in chronic pain becomes “doped up” with their own endorphins.

After 2 weeks here, I have trimmed his feet 3x and they are much better. He has also gained about 50 # and is on a vitamin-mineral supplement, and milk thistle and zeolite to detoxify him.

Tonight, when I put his hay out, instead of eating, he noticed 2 riders about 1/2 mile away. He proceeded to go flying around his 2 acre enclosure, head and tail up, for about 20 minutes…

I am glad I ordered a padded, protective riding vest for myself today….just in case!

Flash 8/30/11

Flash, Raven & Rene'

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January 26 th


Zeolite animal detox update

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The 7 horses, 2 burros and 10 dogs have all been on zeolite powder for 3-4 weeks. Only one animal is unchanged- Mocha. She has been in this non-toxic home since she was 6 weeks old, conservatively vaccinated and not ever treated with pesticides.

EVERY other animal is livelier and happier. Liza and Missy have personalities emerging. Liza and Rainy are more out-going. Tara  and Carson (both with IBD) are playing more and are more active.

Tonka and Kola are much more alert and active. Tonka has gone from almost acting retarded  to acting like a normal horse. Kola is trotting on her own. All 9 equines are more alert and playing more.

Please visit our other web pages to see how you can improve the health of your animals.

Tonka & Rene'

Carson singing for his breakfast

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January 10 th


Is Your Horse Toxic?

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As someone who has had Lyme for over 38 years, undiagnosed until it was too late for me to tolerate treatment, I keep myself alive with daily detoxification methods. For up to ten years, I have been taking cholestyramine (Rx), nebulized and oral lipoceutical glutathione, Jernigan Neuro-antitox and recently, zeolite pure powder. It is not the Lyme bacteria which makes you ill, it is the potent toxins, especially ammonia, that the bacteria produce (Dr. David Jernigan). Our dogs and I have had improvement in our health using the Zeolite Pure. I wanted to get some zeolite for the horses and found an equine bone-building supplement which is actually pure zeolite powder, also.

I started the 9 equines on Platinum Performance Osteon a mere 4 days ago as a detoxifier. There were 2 animals I was most concerned with- Jovita the burro with a little residual brain damage from a snakebite 4 years ago and Tonka, the half-blind mustang, who, frankly, has been acting retarded. Jernigan Neuro-antitox had helped Jo immensely 2 years ago and it seemed to improve Tonka this spring when he arrived. Tonka, however, has been dull, listless, shunned by the 3 mustangs he is pastured with and I feared he had brain damage from the head injury he had sustained 4 years ago when he lost his sight. However, he had lived in California with his previous owner, and Lyme  is found there. Luckily, we have no ticks here in this area of the desert.

Both Jo and Tonka are much brighter already. Tonka is actually bullying his pasture mates and I can see his brain function improving dramatically. Many pathogenic bacteria produce ammonia, including many gut bacteria. Lyme produces ammonia. Ammonia can cause brain fog and even chronic laminitis. Zeolite binds ammonia and is used commercially in aquariums and water treatment plants. It has been added to livestock feed in Europe for more than 30 years to bind myco(mold) toxins. Studies have shown it binds many toxic chemicals and also heavy metals. It is FDA approved as safe. I am only giving the equines an ounce a day per animal, not the much larger amount recommended on the tub of Osteon for bone health.

I read that almost all the horses tested for Lyme exposure in the Midwest came up positive. I highly recommend you try this safe mineral- both the human product for yourself and your small animals and the horse product for your equines. I found this Lyme article which states that this disease is indeed a problem in horses.

“As many as 75% of horses living in areas of the country where Lyme organism infection of ticks is high will test positive for antibodies to the organism. How many of these horses have an infection that will cause obvious signs of Lyme disease is unknown. However, skepticism over whether or not Lyme disease exists in horses is long gone. It’s real.”

three of our mustangs

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