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May 25 th


Tessie, foster pup, improving

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Tessie is an 8 month old basenji mix. She arrived from the local shelter 5 days ago because she had a respiratory infection and crusty nose. Since these can be distemper symptoms,  they were going to put her to sleep unless JERAS took her. We had already found her a foster home in Phoenix with a friend who does basenji rescue and will find her a permanent home. He, however, will not be back from vacation until June.

She had a temp of 104.3 and was wheezing and anorexic. I hit her with everything I could think of. Vitamin A has been found to help with distemper. Thymus extract, vitamin C and beta glucan boost the immune system.Essential GSH (glutathione) detoxes and boosts immune function. Keflex fights secondary bacterial infection and guafenisin (Mucinex) is a decongestant. A little Vicks rubbed on her nose loosens up the mucous crust and makes it easier to clean her nostrils out. Lastly, I combined 3 Jernigan herbal products and give her about 15 drops of the mixture, twice a day- Microbojen, Virogen and Neuro Antitox.. go to to learn about these great products.

A veterinarian I worked with 35 years ago used to say, “Some of them get better because of what we do, and most of them get better in spite of what we do….” a humbling statement, to be sure.

At any rate, Tessie is much better today.


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