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June 11 th


“Aragon” Doberman to be saved

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I was up very late two nights ago, looking at the local shelter’s Petfinder page and saw a Doberman. I thought I could stay awake just a few more minutes, so I copied and pasted his pic & info onto an email and Googled to find Az. Dobie rescues. The next morning, I had a message from Desert Harbor Doberman rescue in Phoenix who will take him, despite some of Aragon’s former challenges. Here is his story, as told by the shelter manager, Erin, in an email to us:
“Bless your hearts!! YES he is still here and I would love more than anything in the world to place him with a Dobie rescue that understands the breed!  He has gone to 4 different families and keeps getting returned due ot various (yet similiar) reasons.He is a People dog and hates being alone, he will jump thru windows (glass or screen included) and roam the neighborhood in order to find someone or something to “visit” with.  He is great with people and even children but HATES CATS!! (he will gladly eat them for dinner)  He also can jump a 6 ft fence without much effort and if you put him in a kennel with taller walls he will just scale the chain link until he gets out…….he will even climb slowly so that he has an audience to watch him do his climbing trick!!  He is a wonderful dog but just needs someone that knows what he’s thinking before he gets to act on it!  He went thru our 8 week prison training program and passed with flying colors!!!”

The Dobie rescue consulted with their trainer/behaviorist and she is sure she can work with him. Hooray for Aragon!


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