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March 5 th


Carson needs your positive energy

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Carson has not been feeling well. His usually voracious appetite has waned. He is being treated for an infection in one ear, but I do not think that is causing all of his problem. When he was rescued last June and had blood work done, he had sky high Dohle bodies.  He has been on all the detox and  liver support supplements I myself use. He was feeling great until he initiated the fight with Bear, that resulted in Carson’s ear injury. I am worried he  may have a tumor in that ear (same side as infection) that might have metastasized due to the trauma.. Unless the new antibiotic perks him up, I will have to take him to the vet next week and that is no easy task due to his fear and defensive aggression. I don’t want to traumatize  him unless is is necessary. He is not a candidate for ear surgery and I think he has more than that going on. I am not ready to lose my best buddy this soon. He has had 9 good months, after years of abuse and neglect. Please pray for him.


Carson singing for his breakfast


Döhle’s inclusion bodies small bodies seen in the cytoplasm of neutrophils in many infectious diseases, burns, aplastic anemia, and other disorders, and after the administration of toxic agents.
Döhle bodies are formed from free ribosomes or more commonly from ribosomes attached to parallel sacs of endoplasmic reticulum. They contain a large amount of RNA. Döhle bodies are found in haematologic diseases, malignant diseases, aplastic anemias, chemoterapy, infections (scarlet fever), and toxic states.
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