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November 4 th


JERAS Diary Nov. 4, 2011

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I have been busy arranging for the gifts to be sent to the donors whose names were pulled from the hat, and putting together the matted photos I will mail out to about 25 people. We want to thank the generous people who donated products and art work  to be used as gifts- Susan Monty, Lisa Ross-Williams & Kenny Williams, Jessica Lynn Millet,  Darcy Grizzle, Monica Wilson, Bonnie Bates and me!

We has a little “adventure” with the hay that came Wednesday.

It has been picked up and a new, clean load is coming tomorrow. Thank you, Mike! The horses love the alfalfa/grass mix from the big bale Mike brought, but only get a small amount as a treat at lunchtime, as we normally avoid feeding alfalfa and only use it as a “condiment”, as my one friend calls it. Why? See

Yesterday, I got our application in for a Pepsi Refresh grant, thank you, Soso Whaley for the help & encouragement!

Today is windy, hard to work outside. I did get to take the dogs out into the big yard and we did our 14 laps as we do every day. Bear played out and about on the ranch for 6 hours today, only coming back into the yard when he saw dinner being served. He loves this weather.



Carson, Nov. 2, 2011


Tara Nov.2, 2011


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November 1 st


Successful hay drive/ recipients of gifts chosen

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We had reached $3170. as of last night and our friend and supporter Joyce donated the rest to achieve our goal of $3500. THANK YOU to everyone! We now have funds to buy hay through March and our 9 equines are safe & secure.

The recipients of the gifts were pulled from a hat and here they are:

Equi Spirit Balls- Dallas Gulley, Bonnie Bates (Bonnie is donating hers back to JERAS so that it can be used in the next hay drive)

Arabian collectible plates-  Lynne Ritzler, Caryn Hofer, Laura Klutey

Susan Monty Prints- Christine Griffin, Dr. Floras, Joyce Mitchell

Darcy Grizzle Mustang book- Merna  ( prefers to remain anon)

JERAS shirts- Madelaine Woodman, Lorraine (anon), Nina Iversen

Herbal dewormer – Jodie Sinclair

Equine Zyne- Dana Hoffman

Dog story books- Anne Massey, Billie Tedesco, Vicki Bras

Matted prints-

Mabel Ayotte, Alice Welsh, Barb Mansfield, Deb Simpson, Beth Brocchini, Chris Mehling, Judy Levy, Paul Armstrong, Frances Miller, Nancy Rayman-foster, Rebecca Casteneda, Monica Wilson, Equus Spiritus, Darcy Grizzle, Maryanne Dell, Lynne Little, Laura Perkinson, Carol Bonan, Kathleen Green, Phyllis O’Reilly, Unbridled Adventures, James Truman, Jeannie Parisi, Carla Stevens and Carol Shier.

Please be patient, as these things are being send from various places and I will be sending the prints and cannot get them to the post office for several weeks.

We love our donors, without whom  we would not exist. Twenty one animals call JERAS home and, in reality, they “belong” to all of us, not just the sanctuary. Many blessings to all our supporters!


Cathy & the Gang

Scout, Rene' and Windy




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October 30 th


JERAS Diary October 29

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I have been building a room inside the big shed, rearranging things, cleaning…..two trips to town this week, chemical headaches from the building materials…I had to return the sheetrock for a safer wall material.

The animals are fine, except Shyla tore a hind toenail from the nailbed. It was barely attached. I used some lidocaine and pulled it with pliers, bandaged the foot and gave her a shot of penicillin. She feels fine now.

A neighbor down the road has been buying big loads of hay- he says mostly grass with a little alfalfa in it. He says the bales are 130#, which is 30# more than the feed store bales and he is selling it for  50 cents less a bale. I will check it out tomorrow. If it is good quality and not too much alfalfa, I will try a few bales. It could save us about $150 a month….that would be very nice, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.

We have 2 days left for the hay drive. On Tuesday, I will randomly draw donors from a hat to receive some great thank you gifts. Here is your chance to get lucky!

We want to thank all our supporters, without whom JERAS would not exist.



Scout, Rene' and Windy

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