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August 13 th


Imjin gets adopted!

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One June 8, with the help of others on Facebook, we saved a beautiful young Jindo mix from the Lancaster, Ca. shelter. (see blog from that day). He was 3 years old, dumped by his owner.

For 2 months, Donna Leshne, his foster in New Mexico, has given him a home, trained him, vetted him, evaluated him, taken him to the dog park and to adoption fairs.

Today, a great family adopted him. They have older kids and secure jobs. Donna misses him and says he was so happy with his new family that he didn’t look back. That is the way with true, selfless rescuers. We do whatever is needed and want only the best for the animal. Thank you, Donna….

May your life be blessed,  Imjin!

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June 10 th


Jindo rescued!

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Several days ago, a video clip of a sad and forsaken-looking jindo was posted to Facebook. He was in a Southern California shelter, abandoned by his owner of 3 years.  I offered a small pledge to whomever might consider saving his life…long story short, I ended up coordinating the rescue effort. We had a Chipin event and generous people came up with the funds needed to get him out of the shelter, into boarding and to pay for pending transport to his new home offer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once he settles in there, he will be neutered, trained and placed in a permanent home. Right now, he is safe in a boarding kennel in Palmdale, awaiting transport Monday with a 5 star-rated pet transport company. Thank you to all the great people who made this possible: the donors, cross-posters, Pam for connecting us to Tina who was the rescue to “pull” him, Courtney for picking him up,  Donna for offering him a foster home and  to Kim  for taking the time to visit the shelter and videotape the animals. Here is the heart-wrenching clip that prompted us all to “Save the Lancaster Jindo!”

Lucky jindo!

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