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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter December 5, 2013

First, we want to thank everyone who voted for us, took surveys and helped us receive 10 bonus votes for downloading the shopping reminder in the Shop For Your Cause Contest. We won the $500.00 and it will do a lot for our rescued animals. We were just invited to participate in the January contest, and may be able to win another $500.00! Thank you so very much!

We have had beautiful weather, but winter arrived two days ago with winds, colder temperatures and even a little snow on Tuesday night.

Wilbur, our 14 year old pot bellied pig, has an igloo house and a pad and 2 comforters. After he has his dinner and bedtime treat, he burrows into his bedding and does not come out until it’s time for breakfast in the morning. He used to have a heat mat, but decided he did not like it and kept pushing it out of his house.



Rhonda, our 11 year old beagle is so smart. She has a bed in the kitchen and will pull it around with her teeth to position it where the sun is shining in on the kitchen floor so she can nap in the sunshine.


Our dogs all have doggie door access to the house, but Bear, the 10 year old Chow Chow mix prefers to stay outdoors, where he can keep watch over the ranch.



All the 21 horses and burros have their winter coats, but still enjoy being able to use the run in sheds to escape the wind. Sometimes they go inside, and sometimes they just stay on the downwind side of the shed.




Here’s a video from one morning..

Here is a video of the burros & mustangs having some fun

November was a good month, with the exception of us having to place Molly in a new home due to the fact that I did become allergic to her. I had no problems with any dogs for my entire life until 3 years ago. Since December 2010, we have only been able to keep three of the dogs we attempted to adopt. 5 others had to be placed, because after about 2 months, I get sensitized to them and have near anaphylactic reactions- mostly brain swelling, headaches, nausea and fibromyalgia attacks. I already deal with severe chemical sensitivities and am on a lot of supplements and an organic food diet. I have researched the dog allergy situation for many hours and have not found an answer. It is very heartbreaking, because we are legal for 10 dogs and set up for multiple dogs and now we are limited to the 9 dogs here that I am fine with. Five of them are 9 years old  or older, so it makes me very sad to know I may not be able to offer a home to other dogs as we lose  ours to old age. However, maybe some solution will come up in time. In the meantime, I have 32 animals to care for and I must be grateful that I am fine with our 9 dogs.

Thank you, Nor Cal Beagle Rescue for taking Molly. She had an exciting trip to San Jose, as she and the transporter hit a snowstorm in the Sierras and spent the night at a motel. I miss her terribly, but she already has a foster home with a wonderful group of beagle lovers.

Help us raise $500 via online shopping this holiday season. By joining SHOP FOR YOUR CAUSE & choosing us. JOURNEYS END RANCH ANIMAL SANCTUARY, KINGMAN, AZ. Shop For Your Cause lets people direct a percentage of their online purchase to whatever cause they wish.


Once again, we want to thank our supporters who allow us to do this work. If you cannot donate, please share our website with others and be sure to support us in contests for grants, such as the one coming up in January.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!


Cathy & The Gang

Cathy & Carson


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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary 2012 Annual Review

2012 was a very busy, exciting and blessed year for Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary. 

We participated in two grant contests in which people could vote for their favorite non-profit organization. The contests took place on Facebook. Thanks to amazing support from our friends and supporters, we won a $10K Pepsi Refresh Challenge grant and a $20K Chase Giving grant. Special thanks to several of our supporters who organized events on Facebook to help with the voting. We were also very grateful to ASPCA for the $2,500 hay grant we received from them, when our funds were almost depleted (prior to winning Chase).

The grant proceeds enabled us to install two 19 X 21 foot horse shelters, a 19 X 31 foot hay shed, fence in an additional 3 acres with safe electric fencing, pay off $5K in debt from a 2010 loan we needed to continue our work, fill the hay shed, stock up on other feed and supplies, have enough left in the bank to cover operating expenses not covered by donations for another 10 months, and take in an additional 9 animals.

Besides expanding the facility, we were able to accept new sanctuary residents. We were home to an additional 9 animals by the end of 2012. One is an elderly beagle, abandoned to the streets and never claimed or adopted from the local shelter. Her time was up, so we took her in. We also fostered 4 other dogs, 3 of which were about to be put to sleep at shelters. They all ended up in wonderful, permanent homes. We took in an additional 4 senior horses. One is a somewhat dangerous, 30 year old Arabian stallion who was seized by authorities from someone who had abused and neglected him for 10 years. He is not especially fond of people and can kick, but it is no wonder after all he has been through. He has a large paddock and shelter and enjoys galloping in for his 3 meals of soaked hay pellets every day. Another is a 24 year old, formerly wild mustang, seized by the authorities from an abuser. He has old injuries and arthritis, but enjoys his life here, as leader of his band of 4 horses. We also took in two formerly wild burros. Both had been sold by the BLM as “sale authority” animals (leaving them with no legal protection) and both ended up in a very notorious feedlot in New Mexico, from which about 500 horses a month are shipped to Mexican slaughterhouses. Our burro rescue friends in New Mexico rescued a large group from the feedlot and asked us to give these 2 a home. Both arrived in foal, so by year’s end, we had 2 baby burros here. We took in a third, formerly wild, adult burro whose owner had passed away. Thus, our wild burro herd increased from 3 animals to 8 by year’s end.

We are very proud to have received the “Top Non Profits of 2012” award from Great Nonprofits. It is based on reviews from the public, so we want to thank all of those who gave us such wonderful reviews. We have our Arizona Department of Agriculture Equine Rescue License, which requires a yearly inspection by a veterinarian. We also have a Mohave County Kennel License, which allows us to keep 10 dogs.
By the end of 2012, Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary was home to  31 animals-11 horses, 8 burros, 10 dogs, a pot bellied pig and a sheep.

All revenue goes directly to the animals and their needs. The Executive Director’s property houses the sanctuary at no cost to it. The Officers and Board Members get no compensation. The Executive Director also covers the cost of phone, internet and electric service. As a retired veterinary technician and natural hoof care practitioner, she does the hoof trimming and a large part of the veterinary care herself, thus saving the sanctuary substantial costs.

In addition to providing a safe and happy home and expert care to our own animal residents, we tirelessly advocate for animal welfare and network animals in need and at risk, thereby helping to save and find homes for many more animals.

We want to express our gratitude to all who whose donations and other efforts allow us to do this very important work. Thank you!

Cathy & the Gang


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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter Oct. 5, 2013

Please vote daily! Journeys End Ranch Animal Sanctuary is in the Shelter Challenge and really need funds as donations do not cover the cost of caring for 32 animals. Voting is DAILY and goes into October. Please help us. Go here to vote and please vote DAILY.  Thank you!

Well, our weather turned from brutally hot and humid to cool and windy overnight, but we are not complaining. The horses & burros are growing winter coats and Carson is already wearing his coat at night. Since he is half bald, he is very sensitive to cool weather.


Speaking of Carson, we received our first check from calendar sales.. $65 which was greatly appreciated. We get half of the sale price and you support a great cause.

Furever Rescued Calendars are out and our Carson is featured! Half of sale goes to the rescue you choose and you can choose Journey’s End Ranch & help us if you want to.

With cooler weather, you may also want to check out the great quality shirts from LaCroix, too. Shirts from LaCroixTees–  We get $5 per shirt. You can choose from one with our logo or other great designs!

Another way to help us is to make your Amazon purchases through our Fundinco link. 

Lucky, the newest mustang, is enjoying life on 2 acres where he has room to wander and explore. He is somewhat intimidated by the other mustangs, so we have given him his own space where he feels safe, yet has the other horses for company on the other side of the fence. The chiropractor was out and adjusted his left hip, which was very much “out”… he still has issues with it and also a front foot which cause some recurring lameness, but we are doing some body work and massage and have him on joint supplements..horses can do a lot of healing if given the correct food, supplements, space to move and “tincture of time”. We can only imagine the misuse and abuse he has gone through in his 13 years since captured as a yearling. He is very sweet, but very fearful.. Once you have him haltered, he warms up and relaxes when he discovers you are not going to hurt him.


Sienna, the quarter horse mare who arrived very lame in late May, is now trotting around without a trace of a limp. She needed her hooves balanced, a proper diet, some supplements, and room to move about. Horses were designed by Nature to move 10-30 miles per day in search of forage. Most domestic horses are kept confined and it is very harmful to them. Newer research into horse management has proven that giving horses the most “natural” living environment and diet is the best way to have happy, healthy animals. Sienna had spent more than 2 years at another rescue after being seized by the authorities due to starvation in 2010. She had not been sound for those 2 years, so seeing her improve now is very encouraging. With the cooler weather, she will receive light riding to continue with her rehab.


Rhonda, the 11 year old beagle we saved from being put to sleep in spring of 2012, is afraid of cameras for some reason. We were able to catch a picture of her yesterday with her “babies”. We believe she was used for breeding before being discarded to the streets and never claimed from our local shelter. She is a real character, very bossy and barky, but lovable and playful, too.

Rhonda and her "babies"

Rhonda & Maggie

When she arrived, Rhonda was very aggressive towards other dogs, but she has since become friends with them.

With all the unwanted and abandoned animals out there, I spend a lot of time networking animals in need. It is usually a matter of knowing the right people who might be able to help a certain breed of dog or horse, or just knowing of or Googling for specific types of rescue groups and then sending the animal’s info to them. I usually help save a least 3-4 animals a month that I am aware of, and I hope my networking saves even more than that.

I recently alerted our friend, Keith, of a curious-looking dog on death row in Phoenix. The shelter had her listed as a shar pei mix, but she looked like a possible Xoloitzcuintli to me. Keith ran and got her and she does appear to be a purebred, of the “haired” variety. Xoloitzcuintli are also known as Mexican Hairless.   She is about 2 years old and was just spayed. She needs a loving home. This is a unique and primitive breed with special needs, so Google them if you are interested and not familiar with them. Email me with “xolo” in the subject line if you are interested in adopting her and I will pass it on to my friend.  Our email address is

Xolo girl

Xolo girl at Keith's



We have our yearly veterinary inspection pending to renew our Equine Rescue License. Four dogs also need yearly blood tests and a few need rabies boosters. Our vet had hip surgery in August, so we are awaiting his return to work. We also have the equine dentist coming soon. Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover the costs of feed, supplies and these extra expenses.


Cathy & the Gang

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