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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary 2012 Annual Review

2012 was a very busy, exciting and blessed year for Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary. 

We participated in two grant contests in which people could vote for their favorite non-profit organization. The contests took place on Facebook. Thanks to amazing support from our friends and supporters, we won a $10K Pepsi Refresh Challenge grant and a $20K Chase Giving grant. Special thanks to several of our supporters who organized events on Facebook to help with the voting. We were also very grateful to ASPCA for the $2,500 hay grant we received from them, when our funds were almost depleted (prior to winning Chase).

The grant proceeds enabled us to install two 19 X 21 foot horse shelters, a 19 X 31 foot hay shed, fence in an additional 3 acres with safe electric fencing, pay off $5K in debt from a 2010 loan we needed to continue our work, fill the hay shed, stock up on other feed and supplies, have enough left in the bank to cover operating expenses not covered by donations for another 10 months, and take in an additional 9 animals.

Besides expanding the facility, we were able to accept new sanctuary residents. We were home to an additional 9 animals by the end of 2012. One is an elderly beagle, abandoned to the streets and never claimed or adopted from the local shelter. Her time was up, so we took her in. We also fostered 4 other dogs, 3 of which were about to be put to sleep at shelters. They all ended up in wonderful, permanent homes. We took in an additional 4 senior horses. One is a somewhat dangerous, 30 year old Arabian stallion who was seized by authorities from someone who had abused and neglected him for 10 years. He is not especially fond of people and can kick, but it is no wonder after all he has been through. He has a large paddock and shelter and enjoys galloping in for his 3 meals of soaked hay pellets every day. Another is a 24 year old, formerly wild mustang, seized by the authorities from an abuser. He has old injuries and arthritis, but enjoys his life here, as leader of his band of 4 horses. We also took in two formerly wild burros. Both had been sold by the BLM as “sale authority” animals (leaving them with no legal protection) and both ended up in a very notorious feedlot in New Mexico, from which about 500 horses a month are shipped to Mexican slaughterhouses. Our burro rescue friends in New Mexico rescued a large group from the feedlot and asked us to give these 2 a home. Both arrived in foal, so by year’s end, we had 2 baby burros here. We took in a third, formerly wild, adult burro whose owner had passed away. Thus, our wild burro herd increased from 3 animals to 8 by year’s end.

We are very proud to have received the “Top Non Profits of 2012” award from Great Nonprofits. It is based on reviews from the public, so we want to thank all of those who gave us such wonderful reviews. We have our Arizona Department of Agriculture Equine Rescue License, which requires a yearly inspection by a veterinarian. We also have a Mohave County Kennel License, which allows us to keep 10 dogs.
By the end of 2012, Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary was home to  31 animals-11 horses, 8 burros, 10 dogs, a pot bellied pig and a sheep.

All revenue goes directly to the animals and their needs. The Executive Director’s property houses the sanctuary at no cost to it. The Officers and Board Members get no compensation. The Executive Director also covers the cost of phone, internet and electric service. As a retired veterinary technician and natural hoof care practitioner, she does the hoof trimming and a large part of the veterinary care herself, thus saving the sanctuary substantial costs.

In addition to providing a safe and happy home and expert care to our own animal residents, we tirelessly advocate for animal welfare and network animals in need and at risk, thereby helping to save and find homes for many more animals.

We want to express our gratitude to all who whose donations and other efforts allow us to do this very important work. Thank you!

Cathy & the Gang


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October 8 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 6 & 7

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This was the week from hell…starting with me stupidly using the said to be “all natural” shampoo on Tara which left her reeking of (in my opinion) synthetic fragrance. Two baths in my “safe” soap and even a dousing of grain alcohol has still not gotten it all off her. I had 3 days of asthma attacks and headaches and she is still having to stay outdoors. Our weather went from summer to late fall overnight. Then we had 3 days of rain. I had to install a doggie door  and heat lamp in the shed so Tara had a cozy place to go. She has been on a hunger strike and will only eat expensive dog biscuits. Even cooking her some ground turkey  did not work. I am hoping she will be able to come inside within a few more days if it stays sunny and the chemicals on her coat oxidize.

Last Monday, I was working in the yard and suddenly several dogs ganged up on Tara. Fortunately, I was right there and the hose was, too. I was not sure who or what started it. These dogs never fight. She got 2 small punctures and is healing well. Wednesday, I was doing the evening horse feeding and heard commotion. OMG, a pile of dogs again! I ran towards the house screaming. They all dispersed, leaving Maggie running towards the doggie door. Maggie had punctures in the back of her neck and on her chest. A huge seroma/hematoma developed immediately over her heart area. She was pale, but her color returned to normal in about 10 minutes. I honestly was too sick (from the shampoo) to even consider a 20 mile race to the vet, which would have been an after hours emergency call. I opted to treat her myself, pray,  and see how it looked in the AM. I got her started on antibiotics and flushed the wounds with Vetericyn, which my vet calls “holy water”.

I stayed up a good part of the night, as she was in pain. All we had for that was aspirin. I also gave her vitamin K to help clotting and counter the aspirin’s blood thinning effect. By morning, most of the fluid had drained. I flushed the wounds again and put a light pressure bandage around her middle. She had no fever and ate her breakfast. She is walking a bit hunched up and I think she may have bruised or even broken ribs, but the bandage makes her feel better. It is looking pretty good after 2 days and I am praying that not much tissue was damaged and that there will not be sloughing. Oy vey…..

Our vet comes next Tuesday for our yearly ranch call and he can look her over then.

I think that Shyla, who tends to badger the other dogs, must have started both incidents, but Liza then has her prey drive kick in. Someone had yanked Liza’s collar off on the second melee, perhaps trying to help Maggie.

This goes to show that “mob mentality” can apply to animals, too. At any rate, we seemed to be faced with the possibility of putting 2 dogs to sleep, or coming up with a way to keep the old and more timid ones safe.

Today, I was supposed to meet my friend in town, as she gets my groceries since I cannot be out in public at all with my MCS. I also needed to get feed and I had decided to buy 50 feet of fencing and 5 T posts so I could create a yard for Shyla and Liza. Their yard will connect to the dog door that comes into the part of the kitchen that is separated from the rest of the house by a 5 foot high divider and gate. I don’t mind cross fencing the one yard, as we still have the new, big yard where they can all take turns playing for a few hours each day.

I had my coolers and everything else packed up,… had my respirator, cell phone, checkbooks, water to drink. Well, the truck started right up and then died. It looked like I needed to switch gas tanks, which I did. The new battery tried hard, but no luck. My mobile mechanic has been sick and not even answering his phone for 2 months, so I was stuck. Bonnie had to bring all the groceries out here on her way home, as she lives 40 miles north of us.  The feed store delivered later in the day and were kind enough to go by the hardware store and grab the fencing and posts we needed.

I spend a good part of the morning replacing the coconut shell charcoal media that my air purifiers use. This house is environmentally safe, but I need the purifiers to tolerate the books, furniture (what little we have!) and other things that outgas chemicals. Each one holds 7 pounds of charcoal and the filters must be replaced and the units washed before refilling them and reassembling them.

The moon is waxing and that means increased Lyme symptoms at the bacteria go into a growth spurt and your immune system kills more then. I must say the the saccharomyces boulardii I started 2 weeks ago seems to be doing wonders for my gut/ IBD. I have lost 2 inches in waist size- not weight loss, but less inflamed gut. Pretty amazing. It has been shown to put IBD into remission. It helps kill bad bacteria and yeast and encourages the good stuff. You can read about it at Wiki.

I cleaned and powdered the horse’s hooves again today.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I have 5 posts to drive and 50 feet of fence to put up. Then, I can separate Liza and Shyla from the others. I will see if Tara still smells and if she does, I may bathe her again.

I am way behind on emails and Fb messages.

We will be getting some horse related donations to use as gifts for the some of  the hay drive donors.  Lisa Ross-Williams  and her husband will donate two 40″ Equi-Spirit balls to this. One Ultimate Cordura valued at $169 and one regular ES ball valued at $123.THANK YOU LISA AND KENNY!

Another Fb friend, Jessica Lynn Millet will donate herbal dewormer and Equine Zyne.

Monica Wilson sent some great prints of the JERAS animals which she has turned into artwork. I will mat them and they will be added to the gifts that randomly-chosen donors will receive.

Go to this link for other gifts:

Here is the Stay Classy link to the hay funds drive-

 As part of this event, you can create a personal fundraising page and raise money for the cause.

Finally, our new friend, Kathleen Green, will be helping us with on online jewelry event.  If you are interested in coming to this event or have friends or family who would like to attend this online jewelry event and want to receive an e invitation, please send your email addresses to: and say you you want to attend the JERAS event .

The event:

Catalog of  jewelry

We are trying everything and every way we can to keep getting the funding needed to care for these animals. As this week shows, most of them are not adoptable  due to behavioral and/or health issues. We need your help and we are very grateful to our friends and supporters.

Maggie on newly washed blankets- Sept. 2011

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October 6 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct.5

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Last night was cool and we still have wind and clouds and maybe more rain coming. Besides all the usual animal chores, I cleaned all the horse’s feet and put antibacterial powder on them. I gave Tara another bath in AFM Super Clean, another safe soap and added some vodka to try to get the perfume off her. Grain alcohol is a good and also safe solvent. I still can’t have her in the house but I can at least be around her outdoors now.

Carson has been getting some extra supplements since his adrenal crisis and they must be making him feel good, because he has been wooing Rainy for 2 days and driving her crazy.

Here is the new newsletter. We want to thank our supporters, without whom I could not do this work.

Thank you for your support! Funding is always a struggle and we appreciate our friends and supporters more than you can realize.

Our weather went from 90’s and A/C to rain and 60’s overnight. It is a welcome change.
I have been doing a lot of hoof soaking and trimming. With this many, it is almost a daily task. Wet weather also makes hooves prone to new infection, so I try to clean hooves daily and apply an antibacterial powder often.

Flash, the new mustang, has gained about 100 pounds and his feet are much better, after 6 trims. All the horses are chewing their feed better and look very comfortable since Christine Griffin was here to do dentals. Our veterinarian will be out in a week or two to do the yearly inspection for our Az. Equine Rescue license. We are one of only 6 rescues licensed in Az. He will also be drawing blood for thyroid testing on the dogs and doing a few other odds & ends.

I thought we were going to lose Carson two weeks ago when he went into two adrenal crises in one week. He was not under any additional stress that I know of, but he is so high strung as it is that he stresses himself. Due to his defensive attitude and propensity to bite when he feels threatened, running him to the vet was not an option. Instead, I treated him with injectable steroids and oral electrolytes. He is now also on an increased dose of both his adrenal hormones and is feeling very well again.

We applied for a small grant for fencing and now the dogs have an additional 1/4 acre to play in. Walking all 10 every day on leashes was more than I could sustain and I was getting my back and shoulders injured often because they will really pull if they see a rabbit or lizard running by. We got Fast Fence electric mesh, very reasonable and easy to put up. If touched, it gives a mild shock. So, now, we all explore the new yard every morning and I walk 13 laps which gives me my mile of walking. I left all the sagebrush in the new area, so they have fun nosing around and digging, too.

I have been taking a lot of video diary. Here are some links. I hope you will take a few minutes to “visit” us via these videos.

I met a gal on Linkedin who gives online jewelry parties and she will donate 50% of her profits to JERAS if you attend and purchase anything.
If you are interested in coming to this event or have friends or family who would like to attend this online jewelry event and want to receive an e invitation, please send your email addresses to: and say you you want to attend the JERAS event .
Online jewelry/fashion apparel E-Boutique event
Coming Soon! New products for fundraising events!

We also have a hay funds drive in progress, but very little response so far. We only took in half as much funding as we needed to run the sanctuary in September. We really need our friends to spread the word for us if possible. I am putting in 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and I can’t do more.

You can join Stay Classy for free and create your own fundraising page to help JERAS and  then share on Facebook, Twitter and by email or other networks. Deb Gulley has already done it and we appreciate that a lot! Link below.

We need ~$3500 to get from late October through March. I think we will give all the people who donate through the Stay Classy link a chance to receive some artwork and collectibles. You cannot have “raffles” online, but we can randomly pick some donors to send thank you gifts to. So, from now until the end of October, we will be having our campaign.

As part of this event, you can create a personal fundraising page and raise money for the cause. Just join Stay Classy (no charge).

Here are a few things our donors have a chance to receive-

Please also share our affiliates page as people can save money on animal supplies and help us at the same time.

Cathy and the Gang

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