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December 19 th


R.I.P. Mellow

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My friend in Kingman had a big, healthy dog. He ate one rat which had eaten Decon. He was seen by the vet Thursday. Put on vitamin K. Mellow DIED today! He was a healthy McNab stock dog with people who loved him dearly.

The new Decon is really dangerous.

“DeCon. It’s one of the most effective poisons commercially available. One of the laments in veterinary school classes was why did the poison companies feel the need to make those rodenticides so powerful.

DeCon works by inhibiting the blood’s ability to clot by inhibiting vitamin K-1 production causing the victim to bleed to death fairly soon after ingesting it. The new rodenticides are so effective and powerful that if a cat eats a mouse that died from DeCon poisoning the cat will likely die. If another animal feeds on the dead cat, it may well die, too.

The other thing the newer poisons do is last a long time in an animal’s system. Inadvertent poisoning with the older generation of rat poisons involved a week of so of treatment. The new products can inhibit vitamin K-1 for four to six weeks and treatment during that time is critical if the animal is to survive the poisoning.”


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