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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Oct. 3, 2014 Newsletter

September brought us an incredible amount of rain. We got 7 inches in a 10 day period, and our annual rainfall is usually only 8 inches. Some areas of Arizona had terrible flooding, but JERAS is on sloping ground and the water ran off quite nicely. It did cause even more grass to grow. The burro herd has been able to go out to graze every day and they love it. They have pretty much mowed the 12 extra acres.

Burros enjoying some grazing

Burros enjoying some grazing


There are 190 BLM  “Sale Authority” burros in BLM holding facilities. These are older animals which are considered “unadoptable” because of age or being passed over at adoption events. BLM was actually planning to send 100 to Guatemala, to be used as beasts of burden. This is not a fate that our American, formerly wild burros deserve! Our friend, Elaine Nash has organized an effort to get people to purchase as many of these burros as possible and get them into caring homes. The Platero Project (HSUS) is also involved. Elaine also created the organization, “Fleet of Angels”, a national group of volunteers who assist in transporting rescued and at risk equines to their new homes. You can apply for these burros and the cost is only $25 each. BLM will be delivering semi-loads of burros to several locations across the USA. Fleet of Angels will assist with transporting from there. We have applied to take 2. If interested, you can join the Facebook group

We have a new mustang! Our friend, Annie, told us about a mustang and burro who needed new homes. Their owner had passed away and his widow is not well enough to continue caring for them. We called our friends and neighbors, Bill and Audrey, to see if they wanted the jenny, as their burro had died of a rattlesnake bite last month. They said yes. We decided we could take on the mustang, “Red”. He is 20 years old and had been found abandoned 4 years ago and was taken in by Leslie and her husband. Bill and Audrey borrowed a trailer and travelled 40 miles to get them yesterday. Red seems happy to be here, as he had not had the company of other horses for 4 years. He is being kept separate for a few days, as we are gradually switching him from alfalfa to grass hay. He has spent most of his time in a small corral, and we were told he paces and cribs. He should  be happy here on 3 acres with other horses. Warrior and Lucky seem to like him and Penny seems to have a crush on him already.




Penny meeting Red


Our local shelter, Western Arizona Humane Society,  has a new manager and she is really shaking things up. In the past, they did not even have a volunteer program. The “live release” rate is only 61% for dogs and 46% for cats. Mary, the new manager, has started a volunteer program, has replaced a lot of staff and things are really looking up for our county’s animals. The Kingman Low Cost Spay And Neuter Clinic is also doing great work, with a new TNR (trap, neuter, release) program for cats, low cost vaccination clinics and low cost spay and neuter. One of our board members, Billie, volunteers her time at the clinic and also transports a lot of animals to help with adoptions at the shelter. I  just met a new friend on Facebook, Kerry, who is a great photographer. She has helped a lot of local rescues with their websites and videos. She is now going to the shelter to photograph animals and I am helping her by sharing the animals to our >6000 Facebook fans, to my many Fb connections and via email. It is really helping to save lives.  I have offered to spend at least an hour a day helping network these at risk dogs and cats. Here are a samples of Kerry’s work. Aurora was adopted and Charlie, the Treeing Walker Coonhound, still needs a home.

Thank you, Kerry, for helping this dog find a great home!

Thank you, Kerry, for helping this dog find a great home!

Image 1

This gorgouss coonhound needs a home! Call WAHS (928) 753-2727 and tell them you want “Charlie”


We want to thank our supporters for enabling us to give a safe and caring home to 20 equines and Rambeau, the sheep. We can’t do it without your help!


Cathy & the Gang.

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