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August 24 th


The Rewards of Rehabbing

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The Rewards of Rehabbing

Saving animals requires more than just taking them in and feeding them. Most will have health problems which need to be addressed.

Rusty is a 19 year old Arabian who arrived in April with hoof infections, improperly trimmed feet, rain rot (skin fungus), and was underweight. Penny is a 22 year old Arab X who came with the same problems in June. They both bonded immediately.  I have worked tirelessly to address their skin and hoof infections. They eat as much as they want and get special supplements. I have trimmed their hooves at least every 1-2 weeks. I have gotten some great coaching via email and Facebook from well respected hoof experts, for which I am very grateful.

Penny with horrible bar overgrowth and excess callous

Penny- same hoof, properly trimmed & healthier

They are now feeling very perky for senior horses.

Big Rusty & Penny


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