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October 11 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 10/11

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After running around to get everything ready for the vet, I discovered he was coming NEXT Tuesday. LOL. That actually will be better, as I can bathe Maggie before then. She is healing quickly, but looks a mess. I still must wear my respirator around Tara.
I bathed Tara in an animal shampoo that claims to contain no synthetic fragrance a week ago. I became very ill. After bathing her 3 more times in safe shampoo, I still cannot let her in the house. Even outdoors, I get a headache and lung reaction from her. She has had to stay outdoors and I had to install a dog door in our shed with a bed and heat lamp for her. She is very distraught and refuses to eat, so I must force feed her. I spoke to the actual maker of the fragrance that goes into the shampoo, and it is partly synthetic, explaining why I am ill and reacting. An attorney told me this constitutes consumer fraud and to contact the Az. Attorney General’s office. He also said it may constitute a class action case.
This, however, does nothing to solve the problem of me reacting to Tara, who is unhappy and refusing to eat. I am furious because I expect integrity from others, not blatant lies on a company’s website.

Tomorrow, I will give her another bath. All this has taken time away from other things I should be attending to.

Patty dug under the new divider fence and I had to spend an hour installing a hot wire along the bottom of it to deter her.
She always proving why she was constantly escaping and being impounded before coming to JERAS. She has no desire to run away from here, but she wants to be able to follow me everywhere, even if it is only the adjacent yard.

I want to rum down and soak and trim Flash now before the sun goes down and it is time for evening feeding. Shorter days mean less time for outside chores.  Adios!



Liza & Shyla


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October 4 th


JERAS Daily Diary/Video Oct. 3

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Phew…I used what was supposed to be all natural, “safe” shampoo on Tara and the result was 2 days of headaches, asthma attacks, ringing ears and fibromyalgia. I have serious doubts about their claim that the apple fragrance is natural, as I re-bathed Tara with AFM Super Clean (safe soap/degreaser) and she still reeks. It seems to be indelible. I am getting hit even through my respirator. Poor Tara must stay outside and is not happy, even though Bear is with her and there are doghouses. It was pretty incapacitating, but I managed to care for everyone today. With MCS, even something like a bottle of shampoo can be life threatening.

Then at PM feeding, I was hit with a heavy downpour and sky to ground lightening strikes all around us. As I went out with the cart full of hay, lightening struck and all the horses ran away. The show must go on, I can’t wimp out when horses and burros need to eat. I was dripping wet, but it is still warm here. Of course, 10 minutes later the rain stopped, but by then it was dark. I could not postpone feeding if I wanted to see what I was doing down there.

Today was “bone day” so after all the dogs had bones, I washed all their bedding and double washed the outside bedding due to Tara sleeping on it with her “apple essence”. I am praying it will dissipate soon so she can come inside. I am seriously considering getting the shampoo analyzed to see what exactly it contains. I met a chemical engineer on Linkedin who may be able to do it. It is the most toxic thing I have encountered in a few years.

It took 2 tries to upload video to Youtube. It stalled 3 hours into the first try. That tied up the computer most of the day, as our internet can’t handle too much at once.

So here is video from Oct. 1 and 2. I was feeling better and in a better mood than I am tonight. I hope to be back to normal soon!

One of Susan Monty's beautiful paintings of JERAS mustangs

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