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November 10 th


Sanctuary news Nov. 9, 2011, Pepsi Refresh

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Today is my Dad’s 80th Birthday. Last year, he was able to travel and spend it here at Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary. His health is not great and I cannot travel, so we had to be content with a phone call this year.

Dad and me Aug. 2010


Dad's 79th birthday with the sanctuary dogs

Our friend, Dallas Gulley, took a collection of our Youtube videos and made a DVD and sent it to Dad so he could share in sanctuary goings-on. Today, he had to buy himself a DVD player. I ordered some blank DVD’s and got a tutorial from Apple Tech Support so I will be able to make more in the future.

Rusty seemed to be fully himself today, after the probable vaccine reaction 2 days ago. I had him out to soak his feet in Oxine. The thrush seems totally cleared up, but with the wet weather we had, I wanted to be sure to prevent infection from returning. I cleaned and sprayed all the other horses’ hooves, too. They are getting extra hay for these cold nights and  are happy with the new load of Bermuda hay we got through our neighbor.

We got this email from Pepsi!

“Congratulations! Your Pepsi Refresh Project ideaFence additional acreage and build more shelters to save local animals has been selected for review!”

WOO HOO! We turn down horses in need almost weekly. With another large paddock and shelter, we could at least foster a few horses in need and at risk. Receiving a Pepsi grant would be wonderful and would be a real blessing.

Carson has been sunbathing a lot, as he loves keeping warm. He also loves his coat, blanket and the radiant heater.




Our new Equine License info is not yet posted on the Az. Dept. of Agriculture’s website, but I just found this from last year and was very pleased! Thank you, Dr. Waldron.

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