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October 9 th


October 9, 2010

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We are having gorgeous weather- no need for A/C or heat. If we are lucky, we will get a few weeks of this, before the nights get so cold as to require the heater on.

Raven showed up with a very swollen eyelid 2 days ago. I was able to get a pretty good look at his eye, which seemed to be ok. I have been putting antibiotic ointment in his eye and today there is less swelling. I am suspecting a bug bite as the cause. He is so sweet and so agreeable to being treated.

Helloooo from Raven!

All the dogs got walked this morning. I am now linking Mocha and Liza together. It is working out well. They pull against each other instead of pulling me. That leaves my other arm free for Missy. Carson and Bear go together, and Rainy and Tara are the other pair. Maggie usually does not want to go, and prefers staying home. Today, I had given her an early morning haircut. She then decided to go for a walk with us to show off her new “do”. I let her come off-leash, as she minds well. Bad idea- she found some cow pies from the range cattle and had a good roll. So, she then needed a bath when we got home.


Never, ever a dull moment at JERAS.

I signed up at a website where people vote for someone to be eligible to get a donated vehicle. If you want to, please go to our “donate” page and click the link so you can vote. I hear a person needs 1000 votes and you can vote daily.

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