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Journey’s End Ranch Feb. 15, 2018 Newsletter

First of all, we are very grateful to all the donors who helped us achieve $5000 in matching funds during December & January. THANK YOU!  We got an $1100 feed delivery of hay pellets, supplements and bird seed  Tuesday and have 256 bales of Bermuda hay coming this weekend.

Our winter had been unusually dry until this week. We still haven’t gotten much rain, just enough to settle the dust & make for pretty skies. This rainbow appeared the morning after my dear lifelong friend passed away Feb. 13. Please say a prayer for her family & friends. She will be sorely missed.

Rainbow Feb. 13

Rene’, a 16 year old mustang, had developed a cough from hay dust. The hay grown & baled in the desert Southwest tends to be dusty, which is better than moldy, but it can cause problems. We closed her into the corral with her friend Windy for about 10 days in order to give her soaked hay and anti-inflammatory herbs. She is now OK.

Rene'(roan) and Windy (dun)

I gave Poco a hoof trim. I have to trim his 3 good feet with him standing on them, which is tricky, but I am learning. I use a little saw and pruning shears. Then I slip the rasp underneath to smooth things out. Holding a foot up is too difficult because he ends up trying to balance on just 2 good feet.

Poco hoof.   Poco has the most amazing whiskers!

Poco whiskers



The quail, doves, sparrows and blackbirds have been very numerous.

Bunnies and squirrels also show up for a little birdseed.

Harris antelope ground squirrel


We had a huge problem with bees swarming the hay pellets. They are pure hay, no molasses. The vets believe we lost Knickers because his anaphylactic reaction to the bee sting in July had caused him nerve damage in his lower spine. He was a bit wobbly for a few weeks, then had a fatal colic. The spinal nerves can affect the gut. I had been searching for a deterrent that was also palatable and safe to add to the pellets. I finally found someone on a forum mention peppermint. I mixed up a bit of peppermint oil in a spay bottle of water and it works!  The horses and burros don’t mind it. The bees come in, take a whiff and leave. I deeply regret not finding this info sooner.

My grandmother  was born on this day in 1901. She and my grandfather had a huge impact on my early life. They were both compassionate and courageous people.”Pop” even ran out into NYC traffic to rescue an injured  pigeon I had pointed out to him. He was a decorated veteran of WWI. He had worked in a livery stable from an early age when his father had died leaving a wife and children in a time when there were no social safety nets. He spoke with sadness of all the horses he saw killed during the war.

“Nanny”, my maternal grandmother


Charles Ott, WWI


Thank you again for helping us reach our donation goal. Thank you to our benefactor who matched the donations! We feel very blessed to be able to provide a safe home for 4 burros, 13 horses, the 2 sheep,  bunnies and wildlife.


Cathy & the Gang

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary January 15, 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We still have until the end of this month to get matching funds on donations up to a total of $5000. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have received $3555 which will be matched. It would be wonderful to make it to the full $5000.

Susan Monty gave me a wonderful Christmas gift- a beautiful book of original portraits of some of the animals here.

Susan Monty art

You can see her work and make purchases here: and here:

Poco was really feeling frisky one day.

The horses spend a lot of time moving about and playing.

We have had an incredibly mild winter. We only had a bit of ice on the water troughs on a few mornings. We got about a half inch of rain last week. We feel very blessed after seeing the deep freeze, fires, floods and mudslides around the country.

Dec. 16 horse play

Christmas eve sunset

Mid January but no snow on the Cerbats yet

We just got a $1000 feed delivery today & will be spending about $3500 on hay in a few weeks, so your support is greatly appreciated!

Cathy & the Gang

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Journey’s End Ranch December 14, 2017 Newsletter

Happy Holiday Season!

Please remember to visit our affiliates page to look at merchandise you might want to give. Poco also has a new order of his book available.

Poco’s book

A very generous supporter has offered to match donations made in December and January, up to $5000. Feed and supplements run almost $2000 a month for the 17 equines, some with special needs such as hay pellets, which cost twice as much as hay.

I really wrenched my knee a few weeks ago and my new neighbors, Sheri and Mary Ann have been doing a lot of the feeding which has been a godsend. The horses and burros are now comfortable with them. Poco, Chico  and Diego get brushed a lot. Diego, who does not particularly like people, is in love with Mary Ann and stands by the fence waiting for her sometimes. They also bring treats such as apple slices. Windy, our very abused mustang who arrived 8 years ago, has even let them pet her. When Windy first came, it took me 2  1/2  years to be able to touch her. We are glad she has done a lot of emotional healing in her years with us.


We had another local person’s dog make the mistake of wandering through Poco’s area. He was nipping at Chico and Poco came to the rescue. Poco charged him, on his 3 good legs, teeth bared and bellowing. The dog ran away pronto. His owner has vowed to keep him home in the future. Despite his pretty severe handicap, Poco proves that enthusiasm and a good attitude can overcome most challenges.

The older horses are also playing a lot with the cool weather

We try to give our horses and burros what they want and need- space, companions, good nutrition and clean water. Keeping horses confined in stalls and small pens is not what they require, though it may make humans happy. We are also blessed with a temperate climate. Despite everyone having shelters, they rarely use them.

This is Diego, who spent 20 years alone in a small pen. He had chronic laminitis and has pedal osteitis in one foot, with coffin bone rotation. He is now 22 and look at him go!

Scooter, the rescued bunny, was acting lonely and looking longingly at the wild rabbits. We decided to take in another male domestic rabbit and they are getting along well, with a fence between them to avoid possible fighting. “Blackie” is a 5 month old Satin breed rabbit.

The 3 rats are my personal pets, but I wanted to share the big cage I built for them with my Christmas $ from my Dad. They love it, with 30 square feet of floor space.

Rattie condo

Our nation’s wild horses are at huge risk now. The BLM Advisory Board even suggested sending thousands to slaughter. We are glad we are able to provide a permanent, safe home to 12 formerly wild horses and burros, plus a burro born here to her BLM mother, 3 domestic horses and a mini donkey. We are also happy that our local wild horses are not “managed” due to the fact mountain lions keep the numbers in balance.

Cathy Deleree took this fantastic photo of wild Cerbat horses dueling. Cathy also creates beautiful folk art and donates a portion to us if you purchase through our affiliates page.


Please consider supporting us during this period when your donation will be doubled. Thank you to those who keep us up and running!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Cathy & The Gang

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