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July was pretty eventful here. Lucky & Bayron were due to ship out to join the other 4 we sent to Healing Hearts. When trying to urge Bayron into the trailer with Lucky, he panicked & bolted through several electric fences & ended up with the 2 burros. Realizing he is much too wild & untouchable to go there, we sent Lucky off & Bayron stayed. He was introduced to mustang herd & is slowly fitting in. Scout has taken a liking to him. Photo above.

Lucky settled in quickly and is enjoying horsey popsicles and melon that a wonderful volunteer named Michele brings 3 times a week. Lucky had been abused prior to coming to us in 2013 & was always wary of people. He & Bayron became best friends, but Bayron’s fear of people only made Lucky worse. At Healing Hearts, he is calm with his 4 former friends and even allows some hands on rubbing.

Lucky 3 days after arriving at Healing Hearts

Diego with his quirky personality is a big hit with the volunteers.

Diego enjoying a popsicle- fruit & veggies in ice
Dakota has gained some weight and allows brushing and mane braiding, when she is in the mood

Our vet was out to do a few dentals and blood work on Buddy. All Buddy’s test results were in normal range. Addison’s medications can be tricky & we were glad he is getting the correct doses, though they tend to need increasing doses of fludrocortisone over time. I had to increase him 3X (going by symptoms) since his last lab work in Jan. We still battle his mitichondrial dysfunction using supplements. He was getting very fatigued until it dawned on me to try B12 injections (which I take). Wow, almost immediate improvement. Dogs with IBD are often deficient, something I learned from googling. The oral B12 he gets was not being absorbed.

Buddy “hiding” from me.

Dental day.


Poco and Chico (now “Teddy”) are thriving at Equine WellBeing Rescue. Poco continues to run his Facebook page with Christine’s help. Look at the shine!

Cuckoo Bird & his wife are now bringing their child for handouts.

Cuckoo on my doormat! He’s very demanding.

Our weather has been terribly hot. Thank goodness Buddy & I have A/C & it runs 24/7. A few of the horses line up to be hosed off, too.

Well, no Poco song for you, but we have a beautiful sunrise & smiling Rambeau.

July 19 sunrise
Silly Rambeau begging for a cookie

Thank you for your support & be sure to “like” Equine WellBeing Rescue

and Healing Hearts Refuge & Rescue

on Facebook. Also, Michele is pampering our 5 horses at Healing Hearts and has a nice website. Check out her beautiful & uplifting things.


Cathy& The Gang

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It is with some sadness but mostly with profound gratitude that I write this. My declining health and limited outside help forced me to make the tough decision to reduce our population. My Dad died in November, leaving provisions for me to place animals in new, permanent homes with enough funding to support them for years. Funding is essential, but finding the perfect, permanent homes is a huge part of the equation and the most important. After careful consideration, we asked Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc. to take Poco & Chico and asked Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge to take the 6 older horses who have some health and soundness issues. Both organizations are in Az.

Chico & Poco were picked up by Christine & Lary who run Equine WellBeing last Saturday. The burros made the 6 hour trip to Snowflake & are thriving with all the care & attention they are getting. Poco has a video posted of their arrival. He got out, took a look around and let out with a very loud song. Christine is now running Poco’s Facebook page for him. We are so very, very grateful!

Poco has a scratching tree!
Poco & Chico

Red, Dakota, Diego & Penny went to Healing Hearts Sunday. Lucky & Bayron will join them in a few weeks. They are getting lots of love & pampering. Again, we are so very grateful.

Diego & Penny in their fancy fly masks!
Penny getting braids. Dakota & Red in background

So, that will leave us with the 6 mustangs and two jennies, Rambeau the sheep & Buddy the dog.

Our 6 mustangs, ages 16-23
Serena who arrived pregnant in 2004 (wild BLM capture) and her daughter, Jovita

Cuckoo Bird showed up for lunch today…life goes on.

Thank you for your support. Please be sure to “like” Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc.

and Healing Hearts on Facebook.


Cathy & The Gang

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Greetings! First of all, we hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe during these very trying times dealing with Covid19. Being isolated here is a good thing now, but having to glove up and disinfect packages left at our gate by UPS and FedEx makes me feel I am back working as a veterinary surgical assistant. There is so much suffering because of this pandemic and first responders and health care workers are truly heroes, as are all the people who must work to provide us all with our basic needs. Thank you!

We had some very hot weather in April but it has cooled off a bit. The horses are shed out and are nice & shiny.

Our vet was out twice and brought his farrier on one trip, so he could sedate Diego & have the farrier trim his feet. After a lifetime of neglect & no real training, Diego can be hard to handle and sedation is best for all involved. He does not need a trim very often. Diego (below), still a bit tipsy.

Penny and Scout had dentals.

We also ran blood work on Buddy, who is on meds for both hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease (adrenal) now. Because of Covid19 and our vet being very booked up, I had done some dosage adjusting going by clinical signs while waiting for Buddy to be seen. Correct dosing of fludrocortisone can be a life & death matter, and we were very happy that all his values came back in the center of normal. He still enjoys his one mile trot every morning. He is about 10 years old and arrived in March of 2018, with numerous health and behavioral issues. He is still a nut, but he’s very happy.

We now have 3 horses & 2 burros on anti-inflammatory meds because of age, former injuries and orthopedic issues. Quality of life counts most, and we try to do what we can to help. All the horses & burros get turmeric and other other herbs and some get joint supplements.

Diego looks great, Penny does, too, but is a bit chubby. She is 30 and had times in her life when she was thin and neglected, so she is always trying to make up for that.

Diego (now 25)

Penny (below)

Dakota, a 29 year old mustang who came 4 years go, has late stage Valley Fever, which, at best, is manageable. She is on an anti-fungal remedy & herbs & joint supplements. Keeping weight on her is difficult, but adding the anti-inflammatory has made a big difference. She has a better appetite, is moving a lot, even cantering, and is giving her 3 herd mates a run for their money! She is gaining weight.

Poco has been singing, but I have been too slow to catch him on video.

Rambeau got his winter wool cut off. We must do him by hand. He will be cooler now. His front teeth are typical of old sheep, in fact, most 11-12 year old sheep are missing at least some of their incisors. He is always begging for his cookie, but his limit is one a day. He eats soft hay pellets, so stays in good shape.

Cuckoo Bird (the roadrunner) and his mate had been coming a lot for food, but now have not shown up in weeks. We assume they are raising young and catching all the lizards they need to survive.

We had a range bull get through our perimeter electric fence and then, somehow, get through 3 strands of electric wire and tape. He was in with our 4 oldest horses and the 2 mustangs went after him. He beat a hasty retreat! However, he broke a few plastic posts which had to be replaced. He then jumped through the perimeter fence again and ran off. Between 6000 volts and mustangs chasing him, we hope he won’t return.

We have 10 tons of hay pellets coming next week which will be enough for another 3 months. We are thankful to our supporters!

Please take care and protect yourselves from getting ill. These are very challenging times for all.


Cathy & the Gang

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