July 10 th


July 10, 2010

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Great news! I haltered, hoof trimmed and groomed Rene” (rodeo mare) for the first time today! She was very relaxed. She obviously was a pet before she ended up in the rodeo. She finally decided to trust me after six months. Her bottom lip was drooping down about 2 inches while I brushed her mane. So happy!

Liza is on her way! Keith and I will exchange dogs, as he is taking Benji back to Phoenix and a new home. Benji was to be PTS today at our local shelter. Carson says, “good riddance”. He is not very fond of bubbly Benji.

Thanks again to Carol Shier of Dallas, who pulled Liza from the shelter and bought her a leash, collar and ID tag and got her safely boarded at her veterinarian’s for a week. Thanks to the BRAT volunteers who helped pay some of Liza’s expenses, to Dr.Snyder for boarding her, to Laura Forsyth at the Irving shelter who extended Liza’s available time, to PetsNflight for transporting her to Phoenix at a charity rate and to BRAT volunteer, Keith Lewis who kept her last night and is delivering her today.
This is Carol with Liza

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