July 16 th


July 16,2010

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This morning, We removed Carson’s carpal support bandage and gave him a medicated bath. Carson was wandering the streets of L.A. 2 months ago, an emaciated, injured and ill stray dog. He was low thyroid and 6weeks of thyroid supplementation has really improved his health. His lung infection is gone after a course of very potent antibiotics. He wore a splint on his injured carpus (wrist) for 6 weeks and the swelling and severe lameness are gone.  We are now keeping a support wrap on his leg and we have a removable neoprene brace coming, to prevent him from re-injuring the leg. His seborrhea and terrible skin odor is greatly improved with the thyroid medication, frequent baths and anti fungal medication which is treating his terrible yeast infection. The yeast and low thyroid had caused him to lose half his hair and to have black, thickened skin. He is not nearly as itchy as he used to be. He has gained about 10-12 pounds since arriving in early June and is growing some new hair. With the help of a muzzle, I was able to clean his ears and clip his toenails. He is a friendly, happy boy, but not thrilled with all the doctoring he has been getting. Soon, I hope he will require less treatment so he and I can both relax!

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