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August 17, 2010

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Well, our little mare, Windy, rescued from the kill buyer’s pen in December, keeps surprising us. She was dun in Jan. when she arrived. She shed out to show Appy frosting. Now, faint BRINDLE lines are apparent on her barrel. I researched brindle coloring in horses a bit. Brindle is an extremely primitive and rare color. It is usually associated with dun or grulla horses. With this in mind, I think BLM should have left her on the range to reproduce. Instead, she was captured and ended up adopted her out to a person who put her into rodeo.
It is hard to see the vertical stripes in this photo, but you can if you look closely.

Windy with faint brindle stripes

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  1. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I saw him in your Fb album. He is gorgeous! What breed? He looks like a good mover and I Googled and roan brindles are very, very rare! He is similar in color to our Rene’, but with Windy’s stripes! Very exciting!

  2. Sue Steiner says:

    Oh how cool!! What a shame she wasn’t able to stay in the wild.

    I have a brindle horse too. I just got him a month or so ago from a kill pen.

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