August 8 th


August 7, 2010

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This morning, I took 3 dog walking excursions. Liza pounced on a teeny little baby horned lizard and before I could get to her, she made a disgusted face and shook it out of her mouth. I picked it up and it appeared to be fine, so I set it down in the shelter of a squirrel hole. Horned lizards (“toads”) are able to squirt fluid out of their tear ducts and apparently, it does not taste very good!

After walking the dogs, I trimmed Scout’s hooves, treated them with herbal anti-thrush spray and sprayed his tail with Show Sheen and brushed it out. He is such a sweet boy to work with and enjoyed the extra attention.

Sue Steiner of Save A Face Project  has generously listed us at the beneficiary of two fabulous new paintings on eBay.

They are a beautiful orange tabby cat and a cute mixed breed terrier dog

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