November 27 th



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Our friend and supporter, Joyce, has generously offered to match donations up to a total of $500 this holiday season. So far, we have taken in $105. Please help us reach our goal of $500, so that these deserving animals will receive $1000 between now and Christmas. It currently costs approximately $1400 per month to cover feed, veterinary, equipment (bedding, toys, etc.) and office supply needs of these 19 animals.  About half comes from money I have borrowed against my home, but I cannot borrow any more. I do all the animal care, hoof trimming and most veterinary work myself. On top of that, I spend hours a day advocating for animals and helping others and finding homes for other animals at risk.

Please donate this season or consider becoming a monthly supporter. Even the $5 per month option helps us tremendously. Here is what your donation can buy:

100# bale of hay $12

50# of oats $15

50# of mini pig food $20

50# of hay pellets $15

50# of wild bird seed (for the birds!) $10

40# premium dog food $37

5# of frozen turkey to add to the dry food $10

25# bucket of horse vitamins/minerals $30

5# of rawhide strips to keep the dogs happy $15

month’s worth of thyroid medicine for 7 dogs $20

rasp for hoof trimming $20

a cot for the dogs $25

month’s worth joint supplements for the dogs $15

Thank you! Wishing you happy and peaceful holidays.

Horses playing today

Missy eating a toy that looks a lot like Tara!

Wilbur our pot-bellied pig

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  1. Vahana Hilke says:

    Have tweeted, and shared on facebook and our group including the toolbar instructions, love it. xxxx

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you so much! Love you, Hilke.

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