November 2 nd


November 1, 2010

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So far, only Bear and Carson can use the new doggie door. The rest of the pack are still afraid of it, despite lots of encouragement and food offerings. We are going to the Vet tomorrow-Maggie gets a growth removed from her neck and Birdy gets a thyroid panel. They will let me get Maggie 2 hours later. It is nice to avoid a second 40 mile round trip to town.


Wednesday, a nice young hoof trimmer is coming to do Rene’ and Windy, as they are both nervous and their hooves were in very bad shape from probably years of neglect. I will take over the trimming of their hooves after that. Rene’ grows slightly deformed hind feet because of a sacroiliac injury which causes her to drag her back feet somewhat. I am sure it occurred during her days of being used as a rodeo horse or tripping horse. Thank you to all our friends and supporters who make it possible to care for these once unfortunate animals.

Rene'- once a wild mustang, then used in the cruel "sport" of horse tripping

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