November 10 th


November 10, 2010

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We now have our Arizona Dept. Of Agriculture Equine Rescue License

Wooo hooo!

It looks like the S. Az. All Dog rescue may take Birdy and give us (perhaps) a 5 year old Border Collie/Heeler mix female who gets along with other dogs and is laid back. They have a lot of experience in socializing dogs and have a huge network, Petfinder ads and go to adoption events. Birdy would have a much better chance of finding a forever home through them. He and Carson seem to dislike each other more as time passes. Birdy is a wonderful dog, but I have the sense to realize when things are beyond our capabilities here. The stress both dogs are causing each other (and me) is not good for any of us. At least Birdy is alive and healthy. He would have died 3 weeks ago had we not intervened.

Birdy's new coat 11/4/10

My Dad left at 6 AM and drove to Flagstaff where he caught a plane back to Colorado.

On the Wild Horse front, BLM continues to mis-manage and kill beautiful, healthy wild horses. This story will break your heart.

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