November 20 th


November 19, 2010

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Gracie and I both feel much better today sans all the pesticide. She was barking at the other dogs this evening, as she is still in her own yard. I let Bear go in her yard and she was joyfully leaping all over him. I got an email from someone involved in her initial rescue and fostering and was told Gracie was very scared all the time. Four days of thyroid medication has turned her into a different dog. We discovered she was low thyroid earlier in the week. I would not be surprised if she is part Akita (Akita rescue saved her from being PTS at the shelter) because Akitas have a >70% incidence of autoimmune thyroid disease! Akitas are also very sensitive to drugs, pesticides and vaccines. So, it seems serendipitous that Gracie ended up here, where we have a chemical-free environment and practice holistic animal care and detox.

Please, please test any dog with fear or aggression issues. Do a complete thyroid profile. One of the most accurate and inexpensive labs, run by a world-renowned thyroid researcher and canine endocrinologist, is Hemopet.

Gracie today

Missy eating a toy that looks a lot like Tara!


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